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21TulipsOfLove 3 days ago
My rank 📈
21TulipsOfLove 1 week ago
Peanut butter toast is so yummy!
21TulipsOfLove 3 weeks ago
How did the last contest go we had here?
21TulipsOfLove 4 weeks ago
Imagine being back in your early school years, it's dead quiet, while everyone is working on classwork and suddenly someone breaks out into song singing A Little Happy Working Song By Amy Adams
21TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
I never thought I'd care about hollywood srars, but here I am watching one hour interview of Amy Adams, which is the actress for Giselle from Enchanted and Dischanted. Normally, I really just, don't care at all about who stars in shows or movies I watch, but the character Giselle was special to me, so I found myself learning more about the talent who ultimately created Giselle.
21TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
Remember all those online relationship we all used to have on sites like plaza etc? I swear nobody knew what true love truly meant.
21TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
Any new years plans?
21TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
Happy new year!
21TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
News section snows too brrrrr *shivers*
21TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
Imagine a snow storm in the dashboard
21TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
I just watched Enchanted and Dischanted. Both were very good. I feel like they could have made a TV series after the first movie and I'd have actually binge watched it! I'm saying this as someone who doesn't like TV series of shows and prefers movies.
21TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
Why does status profile icons load instantly, but the leaderboard icons load slowly?
21TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
I want to read old blogs here, but i can't due to lack of a way to do so.
21TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
For those of you who had your own websites when you were younger. Who paid for them?
21TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
I hate it when I type a rude message to a friend out of impulse. *sigh*