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17SuperCam 1 week ago
My brother shared this video that talks about a crazy AI being worked on for research. It's pretty kind blowing, it's like "this is not a real person" but more generalized, if you know what I'm talking about.

Either way, check out this video if you're interested in artificial intelligence:
17SuperCam 2 weeks ago
So I got a new phone, and I found a screen protector that a lot of people recommended. It's a liquid screen protector, which sounds weird. It'll come today, it's a process to set up... So hopefully I don't mess up lol
17SuperCam 2 weeks ago
I think that someone was just trying to hack into my Instagram account. They changed my password, but I was already logged in. I just kicked them out and created a duo security authentication for it. So that was an intense couple minutes haha
17SuperCam 1 month ago
Is 60 the max level you can get here? If so, what that number in particular?
17SuperCam 1 month ago
So my grandmother had a star named after me years ago, and today I decided if I can find any information about it. I wasnt able to find a whole lot of anything, except for a picture of it. Which is still really cool. It looks like it is a blue giant, but I cant really know that without actual information. But here is the picture:

17SuperCam 1 month ago
Idk if you guys care, but the campaign for Halo Infinite is on sale right now. Its 20% off
17SuperCam 2 months ago
So that girl and I went on another date again tonight, and one of the things we did was go to the planetarium and watch a laser Led Zeppelin show. It was really trippy, I recommend going to one if you have a dome theater in your area.
17SuperCam 2 months ago out.... I cant do anything. Even the simplest problem... if its even slightly difficult, my brain just shuts off... I still have a month left for this semester, I dont know how I am going to do this. My classes are very interesting, but I just cant seem to do any of the work. Ive tried taking breaks, going out and doing things... but I am just still... like this. Im to the point where I have turned in empty assignments because I literally cant do anything. I dont know what to do. Do you guys have any suggestions?
17SuperCam 2 months ago
My brother let me use his computer while he wasnt looking, so I went to his facebook and posted:
"Why does my belly button lint taste so good? Does everyone else's taste good too?"

I forgot to change the privacy settings, so I cant really watch it unfold.. but its still great
17SuperCam 2 months ago
Y'all be happy to know the date went really well we have a TON in common. She wants a second date, so it went much better than expected
17SuperCam 2 months ago
Do any of you have a switch? If so, we should add each other as friends
17SuperCam 2 months ago
So there is this girl in my church that I have been wanting to ask out for over a month now, and everytime I have the confidence to ask her, she doesnt show up to whatever my church is doing that day. And when I am having a bad day or are feeling timid, she shows up. Its so ironic that its actually kinda funny.

Anyways, I had the opportunity to ask her tonight, and she seemed genuinely happy about it. So that makes me happy.
17SuperCam 2 months ago
17SuperCam 2 months ago
I had a interesting dream last night. I posted it in my Dream Journal Blog here if you are bored and are curious.
17SuperCam 2 months ago
I have 3 paychecks that I havnt deposited in my bank yet. I put them together somewhere where they wouldnt get lost... but I cant remember where that was.....