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18SuperCam 11 months ago
So from my understanding, the new special edition Nintendo Switch was sold out everywhere, but I ordered one anyways because I wanted it lol

But... I got a notification that it actually shipped. I'll be getting it tomorrow! Super surprised, but super excited too!

It's really pretty too
18SuperCam 12 months ago
So uh.... hi everyone.... I'm back lol

So life has been hectic due to the new job and moving and other things... but I am back

Its still kinda crazy, but Im going to try to be on here more because I missed you guys

How is everyone doing? What is new?
18SuperCam 1 year ago
I'm looking for an apartment right now, and had a tour yesterday. They have an "administration fee" that's more then $200! Like.... What could that possibly be for? What a bunch of crap
18SuperCam 1 year ago
I love the people in my office at my new job! Everyone is super cool. Also I have the best cubical in the building because I have two window walls that deer come visit everyday (most people have a blocked window or no window at all).

Tis the simple things in life
18SuperCam 1 year ago
Microsoft incorporating GPT3 into Bing, teams, and word is a brilliant idea. I bet Google is freaking out lol
18SuperCam 1 year ago
Last day of orientation!!! 🎉
18SuperCam 1 year ago
Started my new job yesterday and this week is just a bunch of orientation. 8 hours of PowerPoint and videos.... It's so boring.... I can't wait to actually get started haha
18SuperCam 1 year ago
I start that new job in a week, Im nervous but very excited
18SuperCam 1 year ago
These reactions are the best!!!! Good job @.:A-MAN:. and thanks for all you do with this site!
18SuperCam 1 year ago
My steam deck is beautiful! So happy today!
18SuperCam 1 year ago
My steam deck got delayed and was supposed to arrive yesterday.... But (hopefully) it'll get to me tomorrow. I hate waiting and wish I had an option to get faster shipping lol
18SuperCam 1 year ago
So I have a debit/credit hybrid card in which I basically have a credit card with 0 interest. Since I'm about to get a great job that will allow me to pay off debt quickly, and the fact that I want to celebrate my graduation.... I've decided to get a steam deck. It should be at my apartment by the 10th. I'm so excited!
18SuperCam 1 year ago
Wow, some of my old blogs are cringy.... I just went through and deleted a bunch haha

I was so naive and thick headed.

I'm legit embarrassed by some of them. Like.... I had a antivax one???? I got freaked out once and made a post but was corrected a few months later... But.... Apparently I wrote a blog about it and it's been up here for YEARS!!!!! I had other things that were terrible

Holy crap, I'm glad I went through and started deleting them
18SuperCam 1 year ago
I've officially graduated with my physics degree! I cant believe it finally happened haha
21TulipsOfLove 1 year ago
@SuperCam: Yeah. Wanna DM?