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My parents should have filed a warranty claim.

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18SuperCam 1 month ago
I'm looking for an apartment right now, and had a tour yesterday. They have an "administration fee" that's more then $200! Like.... What could that possibly be for? What a bunch of crap
18SuperCam 1 month ago
I love the people in my office at my new job! Everyone is super cool. Also I have the best cubical in the building because I have two window walls that deer come visit everyday (most people have a blocked window or no window at all).

Tis the simple things in life
18SuperCam 1 month ago
Microsoft incorporating GPT3 into Bing, teams, and word is a brilliant idea. I bet Google is freaking out lol
18SuperCam 2 months ago
Last day of orientation!!! 🎉
18SuperCam 2 months ago
Started my new job yesterday and this week is just a bunch of orientation. 8 hours of PowerPoint and videos.... It's so boring.... I can't wait to actually get started haha
18SuperCam 2 months ago
I start that new job in a week, Im nervous but very excited
18SuperCam 2 months ago
These reactions are the best!!!! Good job @.:A-MAN:. and thanks for all you do with this site!
18SuperCam 2 months ago
My steam deck is beautiful! So happy today!
18SuperCam 2 months ago
My steam deck got delayed and was supposed to arrive yesterday.... But (hopefully) it'll get to me tomorrow. I hate waiting and wish I had an option to get faster shipping lol
18SuperCam 2 months ago
So I have a debit/credit hybrid card in which I basically have a credit card with 0 interest. Since I'm about to get a great job that will allow me to pay off debt quickly, and the fact that I want to celebrate my graduation.... I've decided to get a steam deck. It should be at my apartment by the 10th. I'm so excited!
18SuperCam 3 months ago
Wow, some of my old blogs are cringy.... I just went through and deleted a bunch haha

I was so naive and thick headed.

I'm legit embarrassed by some of them. Like.... I had a antivax one???? I got freaked out once and made a post but was corrected a few months later... But.... Apparently I wrote a blog about it and it's been up here for YEARS!!!!! I had other things that were terrible

Holy crap, I'm glad I went through and started deleting them
18SuperCam 3 months ago
I've officially graduated with my physics degree! I cant believe it finally happened haha
18TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
@SuperCam: Yeah. Wanna DM?
18SuperCam 3 months ago
@TulipsOfLove: I guess that makes sense, probably safer as well
18TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
@SuperCam: Thanks for your kind words. I don't accept requests unless I've had time to get to know someone enough to actually think of them as friends. I'm open to talking tp you though, if you'd like.