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Hi, I'm Smalls... You may know as the guy who made DSiTabs and G/net. I also developed for DSiHub for a certain period of time.

Cyber-security, network management, systems administration, automation extraordinaire, cloud engineer, dank guy.

* My Personal Website -
* GitHub -
* Twitter - @thetimmysmalls



Had a random thought about adding the vibing cat to this song.
I have no idea if I posted about my favorite albums of 2020 on here or not, but I put a whole list together on my personal website.

Smalls.Online / Favorite Music of 2020
As you got older you start to appreciate the small things.

Like metalcore vocalists dropping BLEGHS or EUUUHCHS or deathcore vocalists saying BRIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Yooo @.:A-MAN:.

Can’t seem to change my password or my email. The former says it’s the wrong password to let me change it, even though it’s right. The latter is that I don’t use that email address anymore. 😅

It's been uh... A pretty good long while since I've been around these parts. 😬

So a small and quick story. At my job, I just inherited a VMWare server system that students use to do remote lab work last Friday. The guy before me's contract ran up and I was to take it over. I'm all good and great with this, except...

Our UPS failed over the weekend and it took down all of the server equipment for general IT operations and my recently inherited VMWare servers. Everything came up cleanly after booting everything back up (Servers, VMs, etc.)... Except for one apparently. The DHCP server VM got corrupted from an unclean shutdown.

I spent 3 hours trying to get that DHCP server back up and running, but gave up and spent only 15 minutes rebuilding the stupid thing in another VM. The original server is a goner cause the LVM partition is unreadable.

Moral of the story: If it's a server that houses only one service, just rebuild the stupid thing. Don't waste your time.
So a website I started making a few months ago is finally coming along great. It's a simple site, but I'm pouring a lot of soul into it and I think it's starting to look like a living website.
When you realize that you don't miss web development, but you're sorta proud you're brushing up on skills you used years ago and it's turning out alright.
Sup punks
Going to plug my new Youtube channel, so uh... Go subscribe and watch my stuff? Question mark?
Haken is love. Haken is life.
Posted my top 10 albums of 2015, check it out.
Fun fact: People are ungrateful.