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I manage most of the server-side code, tell me if you get errors that display weird messages. If you have an issue with a mod, contact me or another admin. @Skittles or @Therum may be available for server issues if I am not.

If you have something you need help with that does not involve code, send a message to @umer936, He is our user service rep/mod.

If you have an issue with a user, contact @CJ101 or @umer936(esp. Umer), as they are the most active of our mod team.

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1 week ago
Which do you think is better?

I like the table looking one way better and style my code like that whenever I can but it does not seem to be the standard. Whenever I paste AI or StackOverflow code or whatever I have to add a bunch of whitespace so it is readable to me.
2 weeks ago
@SLEDGE has the best quicknotes
2 weeks ago
Once ai can make whole movies we can feed it the old pre-disney star wars lore books and have a ton of sequel movies that aren't garbage and we can all officially forget jj abrams ever touched star wars
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
I wonder what the oldest file on my computer is 🤔
3 weeks ago
Any of you use Floorp?
1 month ago
How long until an AI is provided that analyzes facial symmetry/etc to provide an accurate objective attractiveness score based on western beauty standards that everybody genuinely judges each other with?
22TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
@SLEDGE: A toggle option for messages(friends only can dm), profile comments and friends would be nice
2 months ago
@TulipsOfLove: It's a hard-coded if statement unfortunately not a setting anywhere. I'll see what we can do though. You want both buttons disabled?
22TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
@SLEDGE: I wanna block friend requests or messages too
22TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
@SLEDGE: How did you block friend requests?
2 months ago
3 months ago
I just realized I have 5 different extensions to make youtube run the way I want it to
4 months ago
Have any of you guys purchased broken electronics along with the parts to fix it?

I'm thinking if it's either the battery or the screen/digitizer, a person would find it unusable but those are both replaceable things that you know you can fix before you buy it.

I'm thinking of getting a tablet that way 🤔
6 months ago
I'd be very interested to see the statistics YouTube is looking at with the adblockblock. What is the revenue percentage increase, what is the impact on viewer retention, how much are people just not going there at all because they know the experience is horrible.
Adblocking is freeloading but also feels so necessary but idk how many total users have hiatorically done it. I'd be super interested to see what the numbers have actually ended up being.