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I'm a person.
People tend not to like what I have to say.
I'm a mental nutcase.
If you still want to talk to me, I can't promise any sanity.

Left the above for posterity. Find me on steam as LordStrum or on Discord as LordStrum#8003, but shoot me a message before you add and remind me who you are.



3LordStrum 3 months ago
Keep on rockin' in the free world
3LordStrum 2 years ago
Start the timer on me moving back. Still over a year away. Pretty lame but I gotta do what I gotta do.
3LordStrum 2 years ago
the hardest thing to get is the truth
3LordStrum 2 years ago
All in all you're just another brick in the wall
3LordStrum 2 years ago
One of those nights.
3 years ago
@LordStrum has created a new blog series titled Strum's Musings.
3LordStrum 3 years ago
Casually falling in like I do in Fall Guys. On my head.
3LordStrum 5 years ago
got myself a guitar last month, and I have to say, it's made this semester a lot more bearable. weird how that works
3LordStrum 5 years ago
Big game starts in 10 minutes.

Also something called the Superb Owl. I don't get it.
3LordStrum 5 years ago
Free from college in 7 months, wish it was much sooner than that. Weird to think how fast time has gone.
3LordStrum 5 years ago
Obligatory popping in to say hi post or something like that.
3LordStrum 6 years ago
Might have an interview on Monday...if I didn't blow it by oversleeping and not responding to their email in a timely fashion.
3LordStrum 6 years ago
Well this place looks different from the last time I was here. Very nice.
3LordStrum 6 years ago
Making the rounds again.

Finally built a PC, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
3LordStrum 7 years ago
It feels so good when you get a program to work.

Wish I was feeling that right now. :v