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7 years ago
Thanks for subscribing to Solar Eclipse Fun Facts! You will now receive "daily" facts about SOLAR ECLIPSES!!

Did you know? "In ancient China, the earliest word for eclipse, shih, meant to eat, and eclipses were believed to be caused by a dragon eating the sun!" Source: Vox/NatGeo

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9JSMastah 9 years ago
@mayikillyou: oh?

14mayikillyou 9 years ago
@JSMastah: Can you contact him though dsipaint? I can't remember what email I used and I don't want to spam him lol.
14mayikillyou 9 years ago
@JSMastah: Message you on what?
9JSMastah 9 years ago
@mayikillyou: Hope it all goes well for you.

Hey you should message me sometime.
14mayikillyou 9 years ago
@JSMastah: ty
9JSMastah 9 years ago
9JSMastah 9 years ago
@mayikillyou: I'll check and see if I have his email.
14mayikillyou 9 years ago
@JSMastah: DO you have hullbreaches email? I would like to convince him to unban me.
14mayikillyou 9 years ago
@JSMastah: Hi
9 years ago
I have two donations that are unclaimed by users. Or it's also possible they were claimed but I forgot to give them badges. Either way, the amount of people with donation badges doesn't match the amount of people I've received donations from so let me know if you donated and don't have one(you'll need proof).

I also finished the badge system slightly more so that people who donate more get better badges. @TwistedChaos95 for example donated $10 so he has a golden badge.

@JSMastah donated < $5 so I gave him a bronze.

Anything between $5 and $10 gets a silver, but nobody has done that yet. Pretty much every donation other than TwistedChaos has been for ~$1.
9JSMastah 10 years ago
@Prestotron: wtf?