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44GuitarBoy 2 months ago
Has anybody worked or is currently working a job that is just...bleh?

Sierra and I started at Amazon 11 days ago and it's...bleh. It's not really the hardest work in the world, but you'd think the pay would still be higher than $17.05. We got a flex "reduced time" schedule, which means we pick our shifts and only need to work a minimum of 120 hours a month.

The only issue is that the shifts they let you pick are no more than 5hrs and 15 minutes long. No 6, 7, or 8 hour shifts. While the short shifts are nice, in order to hit 120hrs/mo or 30hrs/wk, you need to work AT LEAST 1 day where you work 2 shifts in one day (like 7am-12:45am and then a 7pm-11:45pm). Even if you only do 1 day a week like that, you still need to work like 6 days in a row to get your hours.

It's pretty depressing to have to work either 6 days a week or 3 long days a week. I already used 4.75hrs of my 10hr paid time off balance to cover last night's shift because I just wasn't feeling it. I dunno how I'll last. Sierra is grabbing shifts and working upwards of 50 hours a week though, because she really needs the money.

Hopefully I can last at least 90 days so I can get the $1000 sign-on bonus and then maybe I can just quit. This upcoming month I'm going to try to do 30hrs a week by doing 3 long days a week. If I don't feel like 3 long days, I could always do 2 and get like 20hrs. I dunno honestly. This place knows it's crap, because last night Sierra told me they had a mental health and safety meeting. Like they KNOW the job is depressing and draining.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Hey guys. eBay and Mercari are nice, but I am still looking to expand my business locally. I need 10 backers in the next 14 days or I get no additional funding at all. Lenders are paid back. View my cringeworthy picture and my story on Kiva, and please support if you can!
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Hey guys, so out of curiosity, has anybody tried sending things to friends or family using same-day delivery platforms like Roadie or Uber Connect? Great stuff; I'm actually hoping to start offering same-day delivery to people in my area with these types of services. Pricing is fair if you only need to send something 10-15 miles or less.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Happy 4th everybody!
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
Anybody else a Daft Punk fan and sad they split up?
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
Just sent a message to AfterPay asking if, in accordance with their merchant terms, they would give me written permission to sell electronics using their platform/system.

AfterPay is a buy now, pay later system that makes customers pay the 1st payment up front, and then 4 more payments over 6 weeks. My favorite thing about them is how they have a small category for toys and electronics on their site, yet you need to ask for permission to sell electronics. 🤡

I often wonder why high ticket items like electronics are such a big deal. I understand that they take all the risk while I get paid, but isn't the whole point of installments and financing to stretch big payments? They even boast saying that customers that use AfterPay return items less. If that's the case for all the buy now, pay later platforms, what's the issue?

Seriously, AfterPay and Klarna and all these other BNPL platforms are for nothing but clothing retailers. They need to expand to different markets. Again, AfterPay has a tiny category for electronics and toys, but even the sites in that category only sell a few tech items here and there. One of the sites is mainly a site for gaming desks and chairs, and they don't have any electeonics. Shouldn't they be in a furniture category? And how is it okay for them to sell expensive furniture for hundreds but I can't sell a refurbished computer and some accessories for like $250-$300?

These companies are all honestly a joke. They cater to such niche businesses. Fingers crossed they can let me use them though. It would be great to advertise with my ebay orders.
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
@.:A-MAN:. Are you any good at SQL? I have something that needs to be done but I can't seem to figure out the SQL syntax. Basically I need filters from my site copied and made into "attributes" on my OC store. There are like 4 tables for each feature, including a table that assigns a filter/attribute ID to a product via the product ID.
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
Being that I've been cooped up in the hospital the last few days, I've had plenty of time to get things done for XBit.

-Digital receipts are now possible with my POS system (see example at

-Loyalty program signups are now possible with the POS system. I can sign a person up using their name, email, and phone number. This creates an online account in which all they need to do is set a password using the "forgot password" feature on the site. They can earn rewards points without logging in though.

-Did some tweaking on the site itself. Added compare and wishlist buttons to every product tile, and there are floating action buttons at the bottom of the page that take you to your compare list and wish list. Still need to add buttons on the actual product pages themselves to add them.

-Made other small changes like how the wishlist page uses AJAX when one deletes an item. Need to do the same for the compare page. I also updated the design a tad and changed the colors of the header on desktops. I removed the built-in desktop menu for categories and replaced it with a Material slide out menu with drop downs for subcategories

I've got to fill 3 orders for ebay by Monday and I'm including my business card with the site in all 3 packages.
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
Flip imgur. Here's my daughter.
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
Anybody here know Java? I've decided to switch to using Square hardware for my point of sale. I have the hardware and all, just not the know-how.

I could always use the Square Point of Sale API for web apps, but that software route requires me to leave my app to accept payment within the Square app. I don't like that, which is why the Reader SDK would be better. You don't need to even download the Square app on your device, and you stay in your own app the whole time.

Basically what I would need is an Android WebView container with the ability to call the Java card charging functionality from JavaScript.
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
At the hospital since last night. Sierra still probably won't give birth until tomorrow at this rate. She's miserable, and I'm laughing because she said she wanted 4 kids. Not anymore!! lol
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
How is everyone? 🙃
44GuitarBoy 10 months ago
Hey guys, been a while. So basically these days I'm part time Staples worker, part time electronics store owner, full time money maker.

My girlfriend Sierra and I have been together for 2 years, and are expecting our first child, a girl, in May. We're hoping our lovely corgi Zoey and the cats Sébastien and Seymour will love her.

Neither of us have had COVID to our knowledge. I had a sore throat a few weeks back but as soon as I felt a tickle (before it even got really sore) I took some OTC medicine. Stopped whatever it was before it got worse.

Still working hard on my coding. Been working on point-of-sale software for over 3 years now. Once this software is done, I will have what I need to get out of Staples, get funding, and open a store. Sure, I could just use Square or some out of the box solution. But if your Square account gets suspended or terminated, you have 0 access to any features, even the POS for cash transactions. That is why I am working closely with Stripe to create the perfect experience. And if I experience the nightmare that many others do where my Stripe account is terminated I can still take cash and perform sales. I don't plan on getting shut down by them though. I'm very much aware of what I can and cannot sell with their card processing. Most of Stripe's BBB complaints are answered and actually SAY that the complainant was being unethical or using Stripe for non-approved services/products.

I've already integrated stripe for my site, The POS will use a countertop card reader certified by Stripe that I can communicate with over the web with PHP. This POS will be great though. I'm nearing completion once I figure out how to do math....Maybe someone can help?

You go to do an exchange at a store. You bought an item for $1. With PA tax it's $1.06.

To keep things simple, say you exchange the item for a different one that is $2.

I was told by a friend to apply refunded sales tax to the subtotal for the new purchase.

So you take the full amount for the original purchase, $1.06 and subtract it from the new $2 purchase.
So $0.94 for the new item. Apply new tax on the $0.94. $1.00. That is what is currently happening in this screenshot:

But if I add a coupon for 20% it messes with it and subtotal goes down to $0.80 (OK) but grand total with tax is $0.79 lol.

Does this sound right? I have no idea.
1 year ago
Fun fact I currently hold the top spot for number of page views at over 133,000. @umer936 is in 2nd place and @GuitarBoy is in 3rd.
44GuitarBoy 2 years ago
Anyone know how to use PHP to extract data from an email sent to a server?

Like if I wanted to use GMail and send a message to "" how could I write a script to get the subject, message contents, and attachments?

Thinking of making my own way of posting things for sale online. I'd post them on my site by just sending an email to an address with pictures of items and a description. I'd finalize the post on a laptop by adding price. Each post would have a unique Facebook-friendly URL that I could share to Facebook groups and the link would let you preview the item with a thumbnail or whatever.

The only reason I want to do this instead of CL is because:
1. I can make bulk item postings quick and easy
2. CL forbids data scraping of any kind unless you get written permission. I requested permission but I'm sure they'll say no.