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44GuitarBoy 7 days ago
HoneyGain has been a solid source of passive income, as I leave my PC on 24/7 anyways. If you guys haven't tried it yet, you should check it out. You get $5 for signing up with my link:

Basically you just share your bandwidth and make money.
44GuitarBoy 3 weeks ago
So after counting up every last penny in every last bank account and online selling account (Mercari, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Stripe) I am starting the month out with over $850. This is after paying my rent for the month, the electric bill, and even putting $50 on my credit card.

If I wasn't in so much debt this would actually mean something, but still haven't had this much money at the start of a month in ages, so I'll take the win.
44GuitarBoy 3 weeks ago
Posted this laptop I'm trying to sell on Nextdoor. It was already in the "For Sale and Free" section, but I posted an image of it in "General" with the caption "Anyone need a laptop?"

This guy from nearby comments, "Yes, details?" and I reply with a link to my website.

He says "That's a crapy tactic for an advertisement".

I simply said "Sorry you feel that way".

"There's a separate section for this" he replies.

Right, the for sale and free section. Which it's already posted in, but I've gotten 0 messages about it.

So if he was interested in a laptop, why didn't he see it posted in the for sale and free section? Why didn't the other people who replied to my general post?

Everybody is like flies to a pile of dung when they see a photo of a laptop, but the second you tell them it's $210 it's a problem? If he was expecting it for free, why didn't he tell me to post it in the for sale and FREE section in his first comment?
It seems the only problem he has is the fact that I want him to pay me for it, and he's just a sore loser. God I hate people.

They think you're a scammer when you're trying to give things away for free, and they think you're a scammer when you're trying to make money. You literally can't win.
I once thought that Berks County was going to be prosperous for me as a business, but in the last 3 years of living here, there's a lot of time wasters, low ballers, and people with no vehicle. No, I'm not going to drive into the heart of Berks County's crime capital and hand deliver an item worth $5. Get a job and a car, you damn bum.
44GuitarBoy 3 weeks ago
I'm beginning to realize the detrimental effects of lifestyle inflation. When we moved into this apartment in December 2019, I was working at AT&T and Staples, easily making $2,000 a month on top of Sierra's job which paid around $1200 a month. So, $3000ish a month. Well now I make maybe $1500 a month after expenses. Ever since I was laid off from Staples last year, it has been a consistent struggle to pay for all of our bills on time. We even have an unpaid gas bill that is now in collections. I dunno how we're gonna heat this place in the next few months. We can get space heaters I guess, but I also want to try to buy insulation supplies for the windows and front door.

But man buying a new car for myself in 2020 was a bad idea. At $327 a month plus another $160 for insurance, that's literally an entire week of pay just going to my vehicle. I hate it. We'd have been better off just replacing the $3,000 battery in her hybrid and installing a backup camera and new infotainment system.

We're just holding out until she finishes paying off her car, which will be in October, November or December depending on how much she can put towards the car. But definitely by December if she just makes the minimum payment. That's $263 a month saved then. Then we want to remove comprehensive insurance from her car for a little while because we will be legally able to. Maybe another $30-$50 a month saved. But she will also be turning 25 in October, and with both of us at 25, we could try to reshop insurance again, hopefully saving more money.

Lifestyle inflation sucks, and now all I wanna do is DEFLATE like hell. Cut corners where I can, save money. Because this breaking my back delivering to people and just scraping by is getting old, and I'm so tired. I'd like to get a new job, but I'm just too far down the rabbit hole to the point where I just legitimately don't see myself working for anyone besides myself. That, and in order to qualify for a mortgage I need 2 years of self employed work history. I'm already halfway to 2 years, may as well keep going. Ideally I'd like for us to save enough money to refinance my vehicle, but if we do that, we'll have to hold off even longer on buying a house or renting a new place. I'm also worried that eventually our landlord will jack the rent to some ridiculous price, so as much as I hate $327 a month for the car, it may be better to just move out of here once we amass a few thousand dollars. And if we do finally get out of this tiny box of an apartment next year, I have fully embraced the idea of living in a trailer park; preferably on a corner lot since they have extra land. I'm not white trash, I just don't want to work my life away, especially with how expensive single family houses are. Plus you can always pay to move a trailer if we decide to buy an actual plot of land.

Money doesn't buy happiness, but man, it buys you the freedom and lifestyle you need to BE happy.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
As someone who drives for a job, I eat a lot of fast food. So much in fact, that I spent over $70 in 6 days at McDonald's. But no more!
We both made a commitment to cut fast food out for good. And I'm already off to a good start.
Unfortunately we don't have much for food at home. Need to make more money to get groceries and such. So I'm camping out at this Walmart. And even though I just spent $5.56 on food, it was healthy. Egg sandwich, strawberry banana "Simply" smoothie, and 2 hard boiled eggs. When I get paid next week I'll buy egg salad, potato salad, snacks, etc. We have these meal prep containers I can put in this lunch bag I've had for a few years but almost never use. I'm determined to not waste any more money on fast food. Beans, rice, ramen, salads, and fruit from here on out.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
My business has been making good money lately. 60% of last year's profits and it's only June. I'm now set up at a new farmers market, but in their flea market building. Rent is $70 a week for a fairly large space. I made $140 selling a computer last week. No sales yet at the market this week, but my online sales make up for it.

Plus this guy I met 3 years ago through a lead generation website is finally paying me to do something for him. His original issue when I got his lead 3 years ago was that he thought he had viruses. He didn't. So I didn't charge him anything. Fast forward 3 years later and guy just randomly called me out of the blue last night around 9pm. $200 to replace his m.2 SSD and re-install Windows. That's insane.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
@.:A-MAN:. Yo dawg you got any of those sick loops of yours that are longer in length? Like maybe 5+ minutes? Wondering if you do if I can play it at events and such.
44GuitarBoy 4 months ago
Great start off to the season.

There was a free community yard sale this morning at the local pool parking lot.

Made $166 in 4 hours, and I didn't even have all my stuff set up because I need to buy more Cisco folding games. Handed out business cards to a lot of people, many people were interested in laptops but didn't quite bite. But I made it clear the website is available to order from and that I offer free shipping and cheap same-day delivery.

Next weekend I'm hosting a yard sale at our apartment building. I got 2 other people to pay me $10 to set up, money goes towards paying this guy to cut our grass tomorrow because landlord is a jackrabbit and the grass is like 12" tall.

If next week goes well I may consider doing other yard sales or flea markets. I'm invested in making money any way I can and continue my business' year over year growth.
44GuitarBoy 5 months ago
Just whipped this up. Thoughts?

44GuitarBoy 8 months ago
I am convinced that people in this country are miserable.

Not because they're poor or hungry or homeless. But because things don't go their way.

People swarm to negative changes like flies and immediately blame the president or congress or some local politician. Like Dollar Tree raising its prices to $1.25. They've literally been charging ONE DOLLAR for DECADES. At some point inflation has to catch up. There are no nickel and dime stores anymore, but are people blaming a president for that???

These people are just so miserable. The second something changes in a way that impacts them/their life negatively, they blame the political powers in charge. But realistically, ANY CEO/business owner can ARBITRARILY raise prices on their goods and services at any time, for no good reason. They don't need to explain price changes to us. It's literally none of our business.
44GuitarBoy 8 months ago
Ran into the first general manager I ever had at Staples at Walmart 🤣 he's quite the character.
44GuitarBoy 9 months ago
New new job this Monday at uBreakiFix. Pay is low @ $15/hr, but owners are very nice and experienced in business. One of them leases entire shopping centers, you know this dude knows how to run a business.

He also told me that they want to work on a compensation plan that everyone can enjoy. $15/hr isn't all that great, but they want to give you commission for nearly everything.

I was hired as a tech/customer service rep, but was told that I'd be considered for an opportunity as a sales manager at their other location.

Both of their locations of theirs are BRAND NEW, being built right now. Training starts Monday.

While not as lucrative as CPR in terms of base pay, the commission structure is to be ongoing. Meaning, if I sell a customer an Asurion plan to cover other electronics in their home for $25/mo, I get commission when I sell it to them, and commission every X months they continue the service. Longtime customers bring residual, ongoing commission, keeping my checks fat.

Very excited to work there, as I told them about my experience at CPR and they totally understand where I'm coming from. They aren't scam artists and understand that 30 minute breaks and overtime pay are required.
44GuitarBoy 9 months ago
Update: New job sucks.

No benefits or paid time off. I can kind of get past this as this is a franchise, not some big corporation.

But not paying the legally required time and a half for overtime is something completely different. If I can't trust them to pay me properly, I don't trust them with my regular hours and check even.

I actually really liked this place and the work. I was so proud of myself; I fully disassembled an iPhone XR today and put it back together. It even turned on.

But I can't trust this owner. If I can't trust him to follow the law on overtime, he's likely the same kind of person who will fudge payroll. He broke my trust and as much as I hate to leave I can't stay at a job that doesn't pay me properly. It doesn't sit well with me knowing I could have made more but this crapbag can't pony up. Why even hire me if you can't afford the labor?

Turning in the keys and the jacket I got tomorrow morning.
44GuitarBoy 9 months ago
Starting a new job tomorrow at CPR Cell Phone Repair. Never fixed a phone in my life, but because of my tech and sales experience at Staples and AT&T, I get $20/hr to start, $22 after 90 days. 50-60 hours a week.
44GuitarBoy 9 months ago
So my dad got me $200 in Walmart gift cards. I used them to buy a few personal things, but I still have like $150 left. Because Walmart is like Amazon in that there are tons of 3rd party sellers, I'm thinking of buying a gumball machine, and starting a vending machine business. I already have a few ideas on where to set up the machine.

Quakertown Farmer's Market (QMart) is one of PA's busiest flea/farmer's markets. There is competition though, because there are plenty of machines already there.

Philadelphia Premium Outlets is also a pretty busy place, especially their updated food court with new restaurants. There are a few arcade games in there, so I could probably could put a gumball machine next to them.

Scott's Car Wash in Exeter Township is another candidate. They're great. They'll change your oil and fluids while you wait, and give you a free wash for doing so. Parents might have to lug their kids with them, so this may be an opportunity.

I read that you can set up in most places for free if you advertise on the machine that profits go to charity. Businesses may just be happy to let you use space in their stores alone if they feel they are helping impact the community. Otherwise you just offer 15%-30% of the profits, which may sound like a lot, but these machines have profit margins of around 80%. When put in the right place, you can make $40 or much more per month. Being that the cheapest machines cost around $70ish I could buy one, wait a few months, and likely have enough money to buy another. Rinse and repeat until I have like half a dozen generating a couple hundred per month. Maybe upgrade to larger machines with multiple options.