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Steven Stone: You're the–!

Joashu◇☃☀★J4: The Draconid, yup. Or you could just call me Zinnia Joashu◇☃☀★J4.

こんにちは! I'm Draconid_Jo from 3DSPaint, and I'm a hardcore gamer, ア ハードコア ウィアブー, a scalie, and a Pokémon Master with over 24 years (and tens of thousands of hours of gameplay time) of Pokémon Training experience!

I'd like to thank my good friend TulipsOfLove for telling me about this website; I'd also like to thank my good friends Gemini Guardian and banjo2 from Paint for styling this AWESOME Zinnia+Mega Rayquaza themed profile of mine (and also for that welcome message at the top); and also my good friend GuiedGui from Paint, for sharing so much of his KanColle fanart collection with me (including some of the images used in this profile), as well as making it possible for me to use those customizable spoiler buttons on my Paint profile; and last but not least, I'd like to thank my good friend and fellow ツクナミ cdog3789, for sharing with me how to add links to my Paint profile back in 2019, as well as for just plain being AWESOME!

Although I still remain optimistic that it can be fixed if/when we actually try to, my Old 2DS is still broken, and it has been for over a year now, and in the absence of me having another game system or other device to access Paint, my dad has been letting me use an old tablet of his to do so.

Still, I pop online as often as I can (although not nearly as often as I want to), so feel free to send me a friend request or leave a comment on my profile here.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what my signature here means, check out this blog I wrote about it.

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In addition to my accounts on here and on 3DSPaint, I also have an account on the kawaii image board website E-shuushuu (絵収集), and my username over there is Keishousha Joashu. ^^
(Keishousha means "Successor" in Japanese BTW, which is yet another reference to my favorite Pokémon character Zinnia.)

I am also on both Discord and Twitter now (although I am not very used to either), and below are invites to my ☆Ryuusei no Tami (流星の民)☆ Discord server, the SDKPaint Community Discord server, the Unofficial DSI Paint Discord server, and also a link to my Twitter page:

☆Ryuusei no Tami (流星の民)☆ Discord Server invite:

SDKPaint Community Discord Server Invite:

Unofficial DSI Paint Server Invite:

My Twitter Page:

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In Gen 6, I have EVERY Pokémon in the National Pokédex (all 721), allowing me to breed any Pokémon that can be bred (including numerous ones with Hidden Abilities, as well as Phiones), and I have all 807
Pokémon available in Gen 7, as well.

I don't have quite as much to offer in my Gen 4 and 5 games ATM, but I do still have a reasonably complete Pokédex in them (and also the Pokérus), and if you're interested in trading and/or battling me in Gen 6 or 7 (once my 2DS is working again) my 2DS Friend Code is 1822-1300-7238, and if you're interested in doing so in Gen 4 or 5 using Wiimmfi (once my DS Lite is working again), the following are my current Friend Codes for those games:

Joashu★ (Pokémon SoulSilver Version)

Ashujo☀ (Pokémon Platinum Version)

Jaoshu☃ (Pokémon Platinum Version)

Jaoshu☃ (Pokémon White Version 2)

Ashujo☀ (Pokémon White Version)

Also, although I don't have the Gen 8 games yet (or a Switch to play them on), I can battle y'all on Pokémon Showdown now (including Gen 8 battles), and if you're interested in battling me, my username over there is "Dracovish_Jo".
(Named after my favorite Gen 8 Pokémon, Dracovish.)

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The following are my closest friends here on




Who is Draconid Joashu?


"Who am I? That's a surprisingly difficult question. I couldn't become who I was supposed to be, so who does that make me now?"

—Lorekeeper Zinnia

In human terms, I am a 29 year old straight cisgender (non-transgender) man who still lives with his parents dad (my mom passed away recently), and that has lived and continues to live a very sheltered life with extremely limited freedoms.

Still, that isn't quite as bad as it might sound, and I have gotten to play countless different video games over the years (that list is still a WIP), and also watch many different anime series.

(I don't get to play many video games these days, though…)

The very first video game that I ever played was Freddi Fish, which I first played when I was only 3 years old, and I have played a number of different video games on different Nintendo, Sega, and Sony consoles over the years, going back as far as the SNES and the Sega Genesis.

(It's been a LONG time since I've been able to play anything on a PC, though.)

Of course, if my profile hasn't already made it obvious, my favorite video game series is Moémon Pokémon, which I have been playing for over 24 years, up until my 2DS broke back in 2020, and my DS Lite broke earlier on in 2022.

(I can still battle on Pokémon Showdown at least, though.)

I am also a recent convert to Christianity ✝, thanks to both my good friend Siling-La from Paint and my late mother, and while I have still never actually read the Bible (due to my complicated RL situation), I enjoy talking about my faith with anyone who wishes to do so, provided that they are polite and respectful about it.

(And if you'd like to read my testimony, it can be found here.)

I've always loved animals and nature, especially fish and reptiles such as sharks, turtles, crocodilians, and pretty much anything large, scaly, and prehistoric-looking, lol!

I hope to have a pet shark alligator gar turtle someday (hopefully an alligator snapping turtle, but more likely a painted turtle), and although I haven't been able to read many books here, I have read quite a bit about proper herp and fish care, as well as books about sharks, dinosaurs, dragons, and other things that a little boy (or someone like me who never outgrew that sorta stuff) would be interested in.

Music wise, I'm a big fan of OSTs, particularly music from all of those video games and anime series that I'm into so much.

My favorite song from a video game is Lorekeeper Zinnia's battle theme from the Δ Episode of Pokémon Ω Ruby and α Sapphire Versions, although I also like Zinnia's 2 other theme songs a lot: Those Who Inherit Eternity (which I even wrote these lyrics for), and The Lament of Falling Stars.

My favorite anisong is Snowstorm ❄ by Rie Kugimiya, and another song of hers that I like quite a bit is Slow Motion.

Although it is still a WIP, you can also check out my music profile to get a better idea of what sort of music I like.
(Although I don't exactly get to just listen to music whenever I want to, unfortunately…)

Paint Admin History


7/11/2022: I was granted blogmin and pollmin privileges over on Paint by Rlad116, largely thanks to all of those who voted in this poll of mine, and this blog written by my best friend Siling-La in favor of me getting those jobs.

"Let us all pray for a perfect multiverse. If we set aside false notions, such as the idea that existence is limited, and that certain things are "impossible", I know that a perfect multiverse not only can be achieved, but will be achieved, as it is the Inevitable Outcome of such realizations."

—Draconid Joashu



6DraconidJoashu 1 week ago
I wanted to let y'all know that my NatDex Doubles Pokémon tournament has begun, but also that the scheduling thing is going to be considerably looser than I had originally intended, in order to accommodate everyone's different timezones and schedules.

For example, I already won 3 of my 5 matches (with the current bracket of 6 participants) yesterday, but I'll have to wait until later today or perhaps even several days from now (depending upon everyone's schedules) to have my matches against the other 2 participants.

Since it's a round robin tournament where everyone has to battle everyone else once, that's basically the only way that it was going to work, and the advantage of this is that it is VERY easy for me to expand the bracket at any point during tournament, and so if anyone here is even remotely interested in participating, it shouldn't be difficult for you to do so.

Also, I've compiled 49 ND DOU rental teams (40 from NatDex Doubles forum threads on Smogon and 9 of my own) to make it possible for anyone join without having to come up with a team of their own first, in case that's an issue.
(Their Poképastes are all listed in the tournament blog below.)

SDK and Pokémon Tournament 2023

And I also wrote this blog to help those unfamiliar with competitive Pokémon battling, Pokémon Showdown, and/or this particular battle format to be able to prepare for it.

(I'm REALLY hoping to get at least 1 or 2 more people to join, BTW.)
6DraconidJoashu 3 months ago
Just like last year, I'm planning on trying to hold a Pokémon Showdown tournament this year.

(And hopefully I'll actually succeed in holding it this time, lol!)

Anyone here whose interested in participating can, and this time it's going to be a Natdex Doubles tournament, and the prize will be a special square added to this year's SDK Quilt over on Paint, honoring the winner and their team of Pokémon.

For more information, please read this blog about it over on Paint.
9 months ago
@DraconidJoashu has created a new blog series titled Draconid Joashu's Epic Fantasy.
10 months ago
@DraconidJoashu has created a new blog series titled Draconid Joashu's Pokémon Blogs.
9DCTheGamr 11 months ago
@DraconidJoashu: @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu @DraconidJoasbu

This annoying glitch will finally be patched soon thanks to A-Man
9DCTheGamr 11 months ago

@DraconidJoashu I know lol. Still surprised ur PFP also manages to pass over here. Statuses are most active tho if private statuses are fixed then ill do funny memes to added users sometimes lol.
6DraconidJoashu 11 months ago
@DCTheGamr: The status page is where most of the activity here on is at, BTW.

Also, given the sort of things that you like to write, I should warn you that the rules over here aren't quite as loose as those over on Paint, particularly when it comes to things that might not be considered appropriate for children, such as profanity.
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
I just made the biggest mistake of my entire life, causing the worst mistakes that I made in the past (which AFAIK I can’t bring up here) to become known to all of my closest friends from Paint, and they all see me as a terrible person now.

(Or at the very least find it impossible to forgive me for my past sins.)

I cannot see any way to be able to move on from this, and the word “hopeless” cannot even begin to describe how I feel RN.

(I feel like me dying would be ridding the world of a problem RN.)
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
So today is my birthday.
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
So I'm planning on holding a big Pokémon Showdown tournament for the people on here, Paint, and the various Paint-related Discord servers some time in the near future.

Is anyone here interested in participating? Or have any suggestions or advice as to how I should go about doing this?
(I've been playing Pokémon for almost 23 years now, but I've never done this sorta thing before.)
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
Do you know what the worst part about a power outage during the summer is?

No air conditioning.
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
@cdog3789: Yeah lol, now that IK that you’re doing OK, I’ll be alright.

I was just freaking out due to a combination of worrying about you, worrying about my dad, and worrying about my sister, that’s all.

(And although I definitely miss talking with you and stuff, @TulipsOfLove and everyone on Paint and Discord have been keeping me company, so I should be.alright.)
5cdog3789 1 year ago
@DraconidJoashu: Hey man, sorry I haven't been online anywhere recently. I truly do mean that I'm sorry! I've just been so busy recently with IRL stuff. This past week I traveled seven hours away from home to go to a football camp that a college was hosting. Another thing that is keeping me offline is myself lol. I'm trying to not be on the internet 24/7, (I need the sleep), and just being busy daily other than that. So, again I'm sorry! But I do appriciate the concern!

I hope you're doing better now dude, keep positive!
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
Do you ever get the feeling that everything that you do is completely meaningless, and that everything (and everyone) that you care about is going to fall apart, no matter how much you pray that it doesn’t turn out that way?

That’s kinda where I’m at RN.

(I keep trying to distract myself from my own uselessness, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well.)
6DraconidJoashu 1 year ago
@cdog3789: I’m worried about you…

Please, just say something to me to let me know that you’re OK, and if you’re not, please tell me what is wrong, and I will do whatever is possible to try to make it right.

You probably mean more to me than anyone else on the planet RN, and I really miss you.

(I already lost my mom, I don’t want to lose my closest, most trusted friend as well.)