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10DCTheGamr 1 day ago
Water is the best drink fr.
10DCTheGamr 5 days ago
Guys i hacked Canada's government by saying "Open Sesame" and the United States by saying "Abra Kadabra" and now 50 federal agents surround my house, how do I get out of this one? Should I quickly burn my laptop or just the hard-drive?
10DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
I am now creating a conspiracy theory that the elites are shortening the year and have been since at least 2020, aint no way it's already April 2024. We're off by 4 years at the bare minimum, the humans control the red dot, and there are uwu feds watching
10DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
Guys I am officially never going onto my laptop again and instead persuing a crayon-art career instead of a staying on my laptop all day career.

Jk jk april fools get trolled 420 blaze it REKT lel.
10DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
I am just WAITING for April 1st in my time, I have a very hilarious and original post to make in around 52 minutes for me
10DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
*Opens* *see's post with 25 comments, they aren't just memeing around*

I love this site
10DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
I'm starting to be semi-ok more with the idea of reading PDFs over physical books, but im still not gonna pretend I like it. I will only use them when I have no better option. I will still store my books as PDF, but only for mass-archival. Will likely install a PDF reader instead of just using Firefox for everything though. Main annoyance is that most of the time I can't just view it in dark-mode because even if the BG is dark, the PDF is usually bright (and I can't just use some extension like Dark-Reader).

Is there any *good* way to reduce blue-light too? I could use f.lux for this, preferably I want anything that is for sure not going to make server connections, I'll just turn it on when I need it (such as at night), though if there's a better alternative I'll do that. I could also wear blue-light reducing glasses which I had somewhere, though pretty sure my siblings took them and then lost them XD.
10DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
One day I'm gonna have that Minco Says badge on 3DSPaint.

I got close once, I think I messed up right at the end. Only need 2,015 points to get top 3 though, so I'm gonna attempt it. Top 10 only requires 1,059 points however. I could actually do this if over 500 points gets the badge I believe. I'd need a day to do it since i don't have a godly memory, but I could get to top 10, if not top 3.
10DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
Starting to get somewhere with NeoMutt, decided to just go with mutt-wizard for installing since I'd rather not waste time configuring manually. Once I start getting used to it and how to use it, that'll be my main email client from now on. Pretty much exclusively using and AOL personal email. AOL will one day go too most likely though.

PGP/GPG keys will finally be possible too since I won't be stuck on a webmail client. My public-email won't work with Gmail or Yandex I'm pretty sure, but ProtonMail along with other smaller services will work perfectly well.
10DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
I legitimately almost have the perfect layout for my website that looks good on both normal-human browsers and terminal browsers. I just have to figure out the header and the footer now (header can easily be done I believe, the footer is harder to say).
10DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
Within a few months I should have 40 blog-pages on 3DSPaint (page 0 to 39 on Paint's system).

We're almost 3/4 there now, we've already been half-way there for forever, so now we're approaching the final stretch. Many of the blogs are starting to actually have form and real crap being written instead of just 15 blogs of 1-2 paragraph sentences. Practically an essay or two being written every day on that website.

This is where a good-typing speed shines XD. Keep in mind that for months I've already had the 6-star author badge. Soon I will be a damned gold-star badge holder. I then have to get two more game-badges, gold-poster badge (once BBs work), and gold-digitizer badge (once sprites work, if they ever do again).
10DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago
I forget almost everyday that F and J have small bumps on them where you're supposed to put your fingers and always end up typing with just like 2-4 fingers most of the time yet have like 84WPM.

Would even typing properly with all 10 fingers (as taught in my schools) even improve typing speeds if I got used to it? Because if so I'll learn it, I hope to reach the 100s as a WPM average, 120 WPM is a stretch but i wouldnt mind it.
10DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago

10DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago
Well damn it TextNow is having issues with letting me login via the website right now even tho ive disabled tracking protection (which originally fixed it). So that sucks, I know it's not my account because I don't see anything saying I've been disabled or lost my number, the password is correct, havent been hacked, etc.

Safe to say that I am going to try to reduce my usage of any and all phone numbers to just domains. Even for VoIP numbers, which is all I use now. Two of my emails will also start to become very used as a result XD, though I'll change all 2FA stuff to email verification if possible because its better in my case.

Not sure if I trust having an entire flashdrive just for logging into a website, plus I'd have to actually use it often since I use permanent private browsing which isnt any fun for me. How tf does that work anyways? It would be useful if it actually works as I'd hope, but otherwise I really don't trust it lol.
10DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago
500 cu.bes

I must inhale the cu.bes