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11DCTheGamr 15 hours ago
Thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard then putting keyboard stickers on it with the Latin, Russian, and either Greek or Arabic (maybe both?) alphabet on them, then setting up the keyboard to let me easily switch between them. I already setup my main keyboard on my laptop so I can switch between English+Russian like this (йцукенгшщзхъ), however, I might add more languages later.

I find it pretty convenient that I can just switch the language+layout on my keyboard like this. I've known it's possible for a while, but didn't think there could be any point until I remembered that keyboard stickers exist. I'll likely get a wired office-keyboard, then just put key-stickers on it. That'll let me get it for cheap while also letting me have Russian characters on the keyboard, which is good whenever I am not good at typing the Russian characters.

On the English one I can type without even looking at the screen or keyboard at this point whereas with the Russian one i can't do that yet. Also, I can even type pretty fast with the English QWERTY-US however I obviously am unable to do that with Russian ЙЦУКЕН as I'm just not used to it and barely know any Russian.
11DCTheGamr 4 days ago
The fact i spent forever changing my layout just to need to go back to the same one on my website will forever be funny to me.

Changes should be done soon, we'll see. Also, i now have a computer I can use to self-host some Venith stuff, so I will try to get a few things up and running soon. Most notably email, XMPP, IRC, and a TOR version of the Venith website. We'll see what I can do with this stuff now being available, but it should actually be pretty good to have a email address available to myself soon (far more legitimate than thats for sure)
11DCTheGamr 1 week ago

yea idk i dont have any jokes to say today that are a real k n e e s l a p p e r
(ok i'll stop xd also im serious when i say that what i just typed, despite being my own joke, was the funniest crap ive seen all day)

I'm almost definitely going to use a POP3 email setup on NeoMutt over Luke Smith's OfflineIMAP thingy via mutt-wizard, in fact, I'm even going to go through the trouble of manually setting up NeoMutt just because I am bored. That is assuming I don't procrastinate anyways, lul. It's nice to just download messages and instantly go right back offline too. And the only non-local folder is the Inbox and maybe Sent folder im pretty sure. This will be a problem if messages end up in spam however, which kinda sucks.

If I actually do host an email server for myself one day though, I can just make it so that way none of my messages would go into the spam folder, rather, they would all go into Inbox. And then locally, I could try setting it up so that way my email client automatically moved them around into whatever (local) folder that I want them in. Since all emails are stored locally anyways, and I basically only access emails I want to view on one device, this isn't a problem. I could use this as a far superior spam filter, one of which that would actually be so much better that I would even be able to justify never having a spam filter at all on email services with a system like the one I've used in the past.

Sure, most aren't putting in the effort to do anything but manually archive emails, but hey if I can save the extra effort I'd have to go through later of dealing with emails being overflooded, then I might as well. I know of people who, despite checking the email they use often, still have hundreds or thousands of unread emails. I only wake up to 80 emails because I'm now in multiple mailing-lists and ones of which with TONS of members replying at once. Not to mention, I actively attempt to make email my main online communication source now outside of 3DSPaint (and maybe XMPP soon?).

POP3 gud, IMAP bahd, GPG gud, terminal gud, GUI bahd, email gud, mainstream internet bahd, XMPP gud, me luv sort email basically.
11DCTheGamr 1 month ago
I found out the Internet Archive stores around 212 petabytes of data currently. Way more than I could even dream of going through XD. I'm considering getting a 20-pack of LTO-9 tape-drives as of now and that would give me 360 terabytes, but that's still not enough for the several hundred petabyte range. I wonder how they manage to store 212PB, I know it involves a whole lot of drives but damn.

Also yes I know the 20-pack of LTO-9 drives is very expensive, although I have enough I want to archive to justify at least one of them. Even if I didn't, I have frens who would probably want to as well, so I'd probably still attempt it. The harder part actually isn't the 20-pack of tape-drives, which would end up being $1619 total, but rather the LTO-9 tape-readers, which are over 4.4k USD.

The only reason it's not an instant "shut up and take my money" is because of the fact that the tape-readers are so expensive. If I needed another 18TB tape-drive, it would be easy to get one due to how cheap they are compared to regular HDDs. And since I'm not reading the data of these drives often, it would be perfectly fine to use tape over an HDD. THE ARCHIVES SHALL COMMENCE!

On another note, I never realized just how small text files actually were. I knew that videos+audio were often large and images varied heavily, but never that a txt file would just be so small. I did the math on's total data, and despite over 58k files, it isn't even 1.4GB of storage. If I only had text-files and images to archive, I'd probably just print everything out as that would be better in the long run when combined with a digital copy of everything.

Text-files are easy, just properly optimize the text via LibreOffice so I can print it exactly then find a way to bind them together with a hard-cover. Images are harder to print, but stand-alone images can just be printed at whatever resolution I need them to be printed at. Images within writings is harder to do though, especially whenever it is actually necessary for the writing and not merely something cool to look at before or after the writing.
11DCTheGamr 2 months ago
Me at 3am in the morning reading an article on Wikipedia in Old English and Goth knowing damn well I don't understand anything
11DCTheGamr 2 months ago
And I'm out for the summer.

11DCTheGamr 2 months ago
I forgot just how good HexChat was until I started using it again. I stopped originally because I planned to use WeeChat, but I just got fed up with how annoying it was to me so now I'm on HexChat again and its AMAZING (also, being on Linux instead of Windows means a dark-mode actually works since its just tied to my Linux Theme).
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
Since I am getting better at what I'm doing, my Arch install is starting to make logical sense

Also ATT gave me a bit of scare when it (almost) forced me to verify the phone-number I no longer have, and since I can't really change it, just gonna eliminate my need for it.

TfwNoGF email, AOL email, and Outlook when necessary. I can't delete Outlook without deleting my entire Microsoft account, so I might as well use it whenever necessary. I'm hoping to finally sort out my email mess soon. NeoMutt for sure will be my main client as emails I send are always plain-text now, and most I receive are guaranteed to have plain-text fallbacks anyways.

You don't realize how badly an email is often composed until you try replying to an HTML email that turned into a thread (and the person doesnt have the urge like I do to ONLY include the message being replied to, not the entire thread). It's amazing to me how many useless down-spaces are within them. And despite having next to nothing, they're way larger because of the poor-formatting.

ALL CAPS, *asterisked text*, /slashed text/, _underlined text_, and other stuff generally gets around the benefit of HTML. Even for links, I'd go down 2 spaces after mentioning whatever, put the link, go 2 more spaces down, keep typing. Like this:

^ very easy as you can tell.

It's simple, and it works. Whatever though, once I get my email hell sorted I'll probably put the link to my GPG key on, we'll see.
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
Nearly 2 months without having even turned on my phone after it finally died, I even tried to charge it and it still wouldn't do so. It is quite nice not having a way for anyone to spam you with messages while you're out. The only reason I'd even need one again (or at least within less than 5+ years) is if I had to stay in contact with a family-member in case of emergencies when I'm not home, which usually isn't a problem as I almost never like to leave the house.

If I am ever forced to actually have one again, I'll just get a Google Pixel 6 Pro and hack it, by the time I'd do that it'll probably be even cheaper than prices I've seen on even Amazon. Under $300 via Amazon whereas it's $350 for a Google Pixel 6a on Google's own website which I'm pretty sure has worse-specs last I checked. Another thing though, whenever I hold a modern smartphone it feels like an alien object especially now.

I can hold a BlackBerry relatively easily and my hands aren't tiny, but a modern phone just feels weird. I'd rather them keep the screen small and have a stylus attached directly to the system itself instead, seems like it would be a better idea in the end even if it might slightly increase thickness. That would be a problem to me I'm sure if they didn't actively start making the phones larger anyways.

What's even the point of making it so thin if it feels like they want to make it so long it'll stop fitting in your pockets sooner or later? Just doesn't make any sense. Watch as in 2035 the iPhone Flippy is made and it's as long as the iPhone 12 now, except with two screens so it opens and closes like a Nokia E90 Communicator.
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
"Flagfox" is a cool extension, shows you the country the website is hosted in.

This site is American, yet weirdly just shows the Earth. I should try to get my website hosted on the Moon
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
Today at PE, we all were searched because apparently some staff member or teacher thought there was weed. Weirdly however, probably because they're entirely incompetent, they decided to only search the bags instead of also pockets even though that wouldn't be very hard to search.

So I opened my briefcase-binder thingy, and I was already good to go. Legit asked if I had to take things out of my jacket because I visibly had stuff in the right-pocket, the police officer or whoever searching legit just said no. Keep in mind I had a book, 2 rolls of toilet paper, plastic-bags, paper-bags, my wallet, a flashlight, and a notepad all within my 3 jacket pockets and 5-6 pencils in other pockets. You can also blatantly see the right pocket was almost entirely full.

Essentially, they decided to search everyone for weed, yet didn't search one of the first places that would've had it. They just hired a private-company that apparently does security bullcrap too (I believe for on-campus stuff, not tech-security at least according to a teacher who knew a bit about the company in question already). Its quite good that the system is ran so badly for me at the school though, it's allowed me to collect tons of random crap and just walk around campus where I'm often not supposed to without getting in trouble XD.

Since I've collected all this stuff, I'll just list my current collection of random things below for those who want to know:
- 350+ Pencils
- Many Pens+Markers
- Many Paperclips
- 3 Seventy-Sheet Notebooks
- 1 One Inch Binder (with looseleaf paper)
- Over $25 Of Coins
- A Few $1 Bills
- Perfectly-Wrapped Candy
- Lip-Stick
- Jewelry
- 2 Pairs Of Broken Airpods
- Black Wired Earbuds
- Full Bag Of Professional Markers (Bus, found on Friday and I was the last off so i basically couldn't return it)

Since I'm obviously forced to be at public-school anyways, might as well collect as much as I possibly can and profit off it. Most of the jewelry isn't resellable for much even if legit, though there's one item I've found just randomly on the ground thus-far that might be worth WAY more if it's legitimate, of course though I'll have to figure out names of the item then compare it to a guaranteed real one, then resell if it's legitimate. Similarly for the airpods, I'll have to figure out whether or not it is possible to repair them both, then I'd have to see if I can resell those airpods (obviously, they will be HEAVILY cleaned before I even consider such).

As for the wired-earbuds, I'll probably save them for my own usage and just try to repair those too. They aren't anywhere near as broken though. Overall, if I can restore everything thats broken to good condition, I may have a few hundred USD soon purely because I collect items off the school-grounds that people leave about in areas that they'll never find it. Its sad how much people just drop trash, but whenever they do, I always hope it's something like a pencil that I can use for myself since clearly the original owners don't care at all about their stuff if it's going to sit sometimes buried in the ground or in-between concrete.

There's likely more as I've been moving for months now and a decent bit of what I've found especially in previous years is almost definitely in storage (hell, those broken airpods and full-bag of professional markers are along with more pencils). Once I am finally done moving, I can guarantee you that I'm going to add everything up and see just how much I collected within a single year at school. I've kept good enough track of what I've collected to know whether or not it was from the ground, so we'll have to see.

However, I can guarantee you that it'll be enough to make you question your sanity (assuming 350+ pencils off the ground alone isn't enough XD)
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
Here me out, if a nuclear disaster happened, we all create a bunker for members
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
Water is the best drink fr.
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
Guys i hacked Canada's government by saying "Open Sesame" and the United States by saying "Abra Kadabra" and now 50 federal agents surround my house, how do I get out of this one? Should I quickly burn my laptop or just the hard-drive?
11DCTheGamr 3 months ago
I am now creating a conspiracy theory that the elites are shortening the year and have been since at least 2020, aint no way it's already April 2024. We're off by 4 years at the bare minimum, the humans control the red dot, and there are uwu feds watching