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Yes it is me, the realDC. One of the most controversial paint members of 2022 and 2023. Socialcube a pretty fun site tbh. I have my own website where stuff like archives/blogs are posted so feel free to check it out. If you need anything, just DM me and I'll respond as quick as I can.

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8DCTheGamr 19 hours ago
i just got banned from guilded how the hell did that happen
8DCTheGamr 6 days ago
this site be ballin
8DCTheGamr 7 days ago
i luv email
8DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
i’m gonna have to do major redesigns to the Venith system in order to prevent it from just getting yet again cluttered lmao. I’ll have to see what i can do for it soon
8DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
randomly naming myself stuff like “Legalize Deez”’ inside of Paint chatrooms is funny as flip
8DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
8DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
I got the domain working, lets FLIPING go
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
God knew i’d be too powerful if i knew why my domain wasn’t working

(oh yea, i got the domain now)
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
i am procrastinating on my school work
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
I got school today
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
Just realized i can directly link to YouTube comments easily, if I can also archive them then maybe I'll consider using YouTube for what I used it for before I had anything but YouTube/Discord (arguing with people in the comments, this time able to show my intellectual superiority to others outside of screenshots)
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago

jokes aside, i actually got a semi-decent solution now to my old problem. Moving everything over to the new solution will take a while, but should be worth it at least.

div.status [id] {display:none}
[id]:target {display:block!important}

Yea so turns out it was that easy to do things. The div.status element always being there is a bit weird, but whatever. I'll solve that eventually, for now the archives will begin transferring and be done soon
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
I just had a heart attack because Paint randomly signed me out just now wtf paint not cool
8DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
HTML/CSS is hard

8DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago
Ok this is a stupid idea, but i’m going to study FulpTube source code that i happen to have in order to try to learn PHP to some extent, because this crap is too confusing just to be staring at W3Schools like with HTML/CSS/JS (at least to me)