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Striking physics 2 lab off the list. Now it's just a research project and some exams.
Just another month and I'll never have to think about my university again
Radeon 6000 GPU launch was as big a mess as Nvidia if not bigger
ooo time to get the bagdes
Pfizer is claiming they have a vaccine with a 90%effectiveness rate
So much seethe and cope on my feed. Loving it.
nevada is just eating industrial tubs of glue rn. Bummer
So I picked up gun/sporting stock because I figured sales and interest would increase when the election results start getting questioned and trumpers go nuclear since they don't know how mail in ballots get counted.

Solid choice, 9% in a day
PSA: Right now, Elite Dangerous is under $8 and Horizons dlc is now a part of the base game at no extra cost.
Bought two comfortably sized bottles of sake for Tuesday, since there's no way I'm gonna be sober that night
I'm very hyped for the 6000 series AMD gpus. They're offering what they claim to perform the same as or better than the 3080 for $50 cheaper. And all their models have 16GB VRAM, GDDR6. Even if the performance lags a bit in the rel world, double the VRAM is a bigger deal for me. Eagerly waiting for the 3rd party benchmarks
AMD GPU announcement tomorrow. Oh boy
AMD 6800XT tentative benchmarks have been released, looks like I'll wait for the amd release after all
This PC is extremely fast. Only bottleneck is the GPU though
Oh my god the PSU still isn't here, it went out for delivery at 9AM and its 6PM here. Giving me anxiety lol