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I found a shiny graveler on my platinum and then it exploded
Got a response from a bio company looking for a python dev. They asked me to write a script for them parsing through .fasta files which is one of those science file formats for DNA/nucleotide sequences, so that to me is an indicator I'll get to do some cool stuff like analyzing/aggregating/parsing genetic info if I get the job. Which would be so badass
Yoga and meditation is very comfy
Guess I have to buy a switch now. That Pokemon direct actually had good news.
Go GME gooooooo
well, my phone fell off the counter and got a huge crack diagonally, a week after it fell out of my pocket on asphalt while I was riding my bike, which destroyed the back and 2 of the corners.

And, after careful deliberation, I am switching to iPhone because I'm not buying a phone where I have to wonder if my bootloader is locked and also get software updates for maybe 2 years. Unacceptable for Samsung with the prices they charge.
My bags got a whole lot lighter today
So I bought what is essentially a lottery ticket of a stock at .0011 today, and now its sitting comfortably at .0022
Breathing exercises, stretches, and self-massage are really helping my voice. Turns out my voice being damaged by reflux was really a misnomer. It was my developing (what I believe to be) muscle tension dysphonia that prevented me from talking normally. My voice has improved substantially from when I started working on it, to the point where I can actually project my voice when recording. It doesn't hurt to talk after a while like it had been for the last year. Unfortunately, this also means that I'm impacted by stress and anxiety, since it correlates to more tension in my body, but it's become more manageable nowadays.
I binged all of mindhunters in about 2 days
Finally made myself a portfolio on github
I think mentioning I was building social media websites for Nintendo handhelds in my tweens is unironically a cool thing to mention about myself in a cover letter.
Waiting on that short report today. GME already tentatively climbing after hours :o
btw if you're on coinbase, shift it to coinbase pro. Much better access to realtime data
I'm starting to love django more the better I get with it.