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35Acerio 12 months ago
I dont usually do these kinds of posts but...

A friend of mine, there dog is really sick, so she entered it into a contest. If enough people vote, she could win money to pay for the dogs vet bills. You dont need to donate, just click vote. It cant hurt. Please vote. Good karma will come back too. And if this is something that you care about too, share with your friends too.
35Acerio 1 year ago
35Acerio 1 year ago
Learned shaders today.

35Acerio 1 year ago
35Acerio 1 year ago
told em i was gonna be sum, that broke crap made me sick, big appetite with a weak stomach <3
35Acerio 1 year ago
I'm gonna make a big come up this last month of summer. Gonna make it count
35Acerio 1 year ago
Got an office setup.

Btw, I posted my specs on my last post, but my GPU is GTX 750 Ti.
35Acerio 1 year ago
Someone needs to update the site's SSL.
35Acerio 1 year ago
Getting the hang of Blender, don't even really need tutorials anymore. Lowkey proud. Also, got a new desktop with some pretty good specs.

35Acerio 1 year ago
Switching to Unity was the best choice I ever made personally. It def works for me.

Also, super proud of myself for learning Blender. I rarely need to watch tutorials anymore, I just google actual pictures for reference and I have a written text file called "BlenderBible.txt" lol. It's just all the notes I took while learning, so I can quickly look to that.

Idk, just really proud of the progress I've made. The last game I made on Steam at 16 was really poorly made and rushed. Practice makes perfect. And my fear of making anything 3D limited me for years, who would have known I actually almost like 3d modelling over coding haha.
1 year ago
@Acerio: @Prestotron

But I think that's what he meant, that you made a new thing to get a new username
35Acerio 1 year ago
Feature suggestion.
Allowing users to change their username once.
You could add a a column to the user's table and call it "oldusrname". Then have a page where you can change it and you swap the "username" data into "oldusrname".
You will just check if "oldusrname" is empty to allow them to change it. And if it's not empty, give them the option to revert back to their old username but only now have an option to go back to the new username they entered, not create a new one.

I'm not sure if statuses have a poster_id column or if you just spit out their username in the status table but it would need to use IDs.
35Acerio 1 year ago
35Acerio 1 year ago
Considering switching to Unreal over Godot.

It's so sexy.
35Acerio 1 year ago
Endothermal Stasis Vault(compressed quality from discord)