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 Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.

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Chat with me. Im beautiful, but you might not understand me until you chat with me quite a few times.

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*me high af* what if dinosaurs don't sound like we think they do.
Had to shave my head, thanks alot covid.
I miss when PCs used to try and look futuristic, now they all look like strip clubs.
I'm pretty sure eventually you'll need to drive an electric car or need to get your gas car inspected every year, because as we know the only thing we hate more than our rights being taken away is inconvenients.
Things I've learned about arizona since I've lived here for 2 years.

If your going 15mph over the speed limit your going too slow.

In-N-Out and whataburger aren't as great as everyone says.

Raining is called a "monsoon" and they act like nobody else gets rain or flooding.

They have no idea what tervis tumbler is.

There are NO New York style pizzas that I've found.

They really like to gatekeep temperature. "OMG ITS 104!!!" At 70 percent humidity.
Odd how the only people that comment "your glasses won't fog up if the mask is properly sealed" appear not to wear glasses. If your not in a medical field you probably don't need to filter air, if someone sneezes on you It'll go in your eyes anyways.
Dang so I got a travel grooming kit in a thrift store that uses Trac 2 blades and I don't think I'll ever switch back. Like I even shaved my pits (I just find it way easier to keep clean) and it didn't clog up.
Decided to take my Jeep KJ and do some off-road.
many people don't understand that It can't be an unpopular opinion if it's just wrong.
Ugh hade to use the spare iPhone se, I’ve been eyeing the Moro g7 play tho. Budget android phones have really come a long way.
Btw why are automatic seatbelt not used anymore? I’d be a good idea to disable drive if the seatbelt isn’t on and it would be more convenient for lazy people.
installed ubuntu on an old 2in1 someone gave me so i can mess around with it and have windows on my main pc.

remember linux is for people who want to work on there computer, windows is for people who want to do work on there computer.
Can we petition to make september 21st Earth, Wind and Fire day?
so i tried flashing my phones stock rom cause i wanted to try and root it, it nulled my imei and it android 8 so no root and my bootloader is locked. RIP