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 Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.

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Chat with me. Im beautiful, but you might not understand me until you chat with me quite a few times.

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Tesla channels in a nutshell.

Car channels "I swapped a v8 into my toyota prius"

Tesla channels "I changed the fake engine sound into the "bruh" sound effect"
Man, the first company that makes a new car with improved pop up headlights is gonna make a ton of money.
Hey guys we got another rpg sword fighter in smash, hooray. :/
Waiting for my mom at the hospital makes me wonder if anyone has ever took the suspension from a disability grand caravan and put it on a regular one, essentially factory lifting it.
So someone gave me a 7inch fire tablet and it's sad to see the Amazon app store no longer gives out free games it's a "100 coins = $1" sort of deal. RIP
I've just referring to "southern" texans as dimmadomes now.
Reddit has been full on r/redditmoment for like a week lol.
Ordered some new glasses from Zenni with an anti fog coating I'll post an update when I get them. Hopefully this will end mask glasses issues.
Disney: let's remake our classic top selling movies that gain no benefit from cgi!

Me *waits for a remake of treasure planet that has a perfect format for live action and didn't sell well when it came out*
*me high af* what if dinosaurs don't sound like we think they do.
Had to shave my head, thanks alot covid.
I miss when PCs used to try and look futuristic, now they all look like strip clubs.
I'm pretty sure eventually you'll need to drive an electric car or need to get your gas car inspected every year, because as we know the only thing we hate more than our rights being taken away is inconvenients.
Things I've learned about arizona since I've lived here for 2 years.

If your going 15mph over the speed limit your going too slow.

In-N-Out and whataburger aren't as great as everyone says.

Raining is called a "monsoon" and they act like nobody else gets rain or flooding.

They have no idea what tervis tumbler is.

There are NO New York style pizzas that I've found.

They really like to gatekeep temperature. "OMG ITS 104!!!" At 70 percent humidity.