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Site admin and developer. Created DSiKlub/3DSKlub (no longer online). I program games professionally and make a bunch of stuff in my free time.

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5 hours ago
So one of the benefits I get for work essentially covers either the cost of a gym membership or $100/month towards workout equipment.

This includes weights.

So I decided to look up what's out there and apparently you can get weights shipped to you, which is probably the definition of "dead weight" lol. Not only that, I found you can get up to 40lbs shipped to you and even worse, it lets you order up to 10 of them. I can only imagine the poor delivery driver who has to unload the 10 40lb weights to get them to the door.
7 hours ago
Pretty much over covid now, just a bit of a residual cough.

In other news, been doing a bit of digital painting again for a friend's TCG.
2 days ago
Man, I cannot find the last hinox and talus in BotW. I found 39 of each of them. Trying to do it without googling it.
5 days ago
Well, so far covid has only really been an annoyance thanks to being vaccinated, so that's good I guess.

Mostly just annoyed I don't get the free food at the office when working from home
1 week ago
Got covid from the wedding. Not exactly unexpected or anything, but that stinks. :/
1 week ago
...and I'm back. And still tired lol. Too bad I've got work tomorrow.

2 weeks ago
Ok... NOW I'm tired lol
2 weeks ago
Honestly, not quite as tired as I usually am getting up this early. It will probably hit me in a few hours though.
2 weeks ago
If I go to sleep right now I could get 7.5 hours of sleep.

But that's not gonna happen.
2 weeks ago
Man I just realized that I'm gonna have to get up at like 5:50am for my flight Friday. And I pretty much expect 0 sleep all weekend... Oh boy... =_=
18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
and another thing. @.:A-MAN:. the flair tags are a very cool thing to have on a site like this. So thank you for all of the hard work you do for us
18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
You know what makes me sad? @.:A-MAN:. had an awesome idea of doing monthly QuickNote contests, and I am the only one who entered anything! That was such a fun idea, and I want him to know that. Ya'll should apologize to him about that, because it probably made him sad. lol
2 weeks ago
Got some Andy's frozen custard. Was gonna get Moe's too while I was over there but apparently that store had temporarily reduced their hours so they were already closed. RIP.
2 weeks ago
I suppose I should get a haircut before I got to my friend's wedding... 😒
3 weeks ago
Ok this is one of my favorite Dall-e 2 prompts so far lol: