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Reached 58 on 7/12/18. Reached 59 somewhere around 10/25/18. Reached level 60 on 3/25/19 at 12:05am EST.

Site admin and developer. Created DSiKlub/3DSKlub (no longer online). I program games professionally and make a bunch of stuff in my free time.

My Desktop:
-AMD Ryzen 5800x
-Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060
-240 GB SSD
-960 GB SSD
-32 GB RAM

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13 hours ago
The fact that GME has dropped to nearly $100 has me dying...

...not because I regret buying it, but because I can't get paid fast enough to keep buying more at this discount.
1 day ago
If you think of a great domain name, it's taken.
2 days ago
Getting back into the swing of working out since I was being fat for Thanksgiving/Christmas eating all the deserts lol. Apparently my company is switching to a benefits plan that includes $100/mo. for fitness stuff which could be the cost of gym membership... or it could be the cost of just buying workout equipment yourself (the monthly amount stacks so you can get more expensive stuff too).

Probably gonna get some more dumbbells since it's super convenient to have some near my desk I can just start lifting while I wait for a render or compile or something.
4 days ago
Dang man, you have no idea how hard it is to make character controllers feel adequate at minimum and how much more work goes into making character controllers that actually feel good. ESPECIALLY in physics-based games. I've literally been working on the movement for vehicles for this personal project for months and I'm still not there. The acceleration curve is hard to control, the turning friction is jank, the deceleration after you go above a maximum speed is tied to another variable for acceleration and also affect the turning friction... the list just goes on and on...
5 days ago
Idk why but I've been feeling 2012 dubstep again lately.
6 days ago
Wow we might get snow here.
7 days ago
Not feeling like doing anything today. :/
1 week ago
Dang it, I thought I was really clever when I thought of "NFTrees" but apparently other people are clever first.
1 week ago
Man, I've gotten to the point where I don't even wanna start new things cuz I know I don't have the free time to finish anything really ambitious.
2 weeks ago
Minor site update:

Made the friends list on the sidebar and the user search display smaller icons for faster loading.
2 weeks ago
So embergen is really dang cool...

...but it really makes me feel how bad my GTX 1060 is by today's standards.
2 weeks ago
It's great when I come back from a 2 week vacation and have like 100 yt videos to watch now.
2 weeks ago
Got some RGB strips for my pc since I felt it was lacking a bit.
2 weeks ago
And now my second flight was also cancelled. Just gonna try and work remotely so I can avoid taking a second day of PTO.
2 weeks ago
Dangit my flight got cancelled due to weather and now I gotta take another day of PTO so I can fly tomorrow