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13 hours ago
So, I finally have a moment to revisit the Paper-Mario-like game from a while back and I was thinking about how to do the door transitions inside buildings.

In PM:TYD, the camera smoothly rotates 90 degrees, the view-blocking walls collapse, and everything outside of the room fades to black. This is going to be a tricky effect to achieve, I realized.

My first thought (for solving the fade to black) is to have each door have an array of objects that are to stay visible. Then when you enter the door, it moves the objects to a no-fade layer which is rendered by a second camera on top. Then the regular camera just fades in a black UI image that covers the whole screen, thus leaving the stuff you want visible on top (though everything is still rendered behind it). I may be able to optimize this a bit by disabling the main camera after the transition and then giving the 2nd camera a black background color. Idk if that's doable in script though.

The view-blocking walls could just be detached specifically (cuz I would know in advance when modelling them that they'll be fold-able) so that's not really an issue, just another step to do.

Ironically, the hardest thing may be the rotating 90 degrees due to how the player controller works. I'll need to set the movement to be relative to the camera X axis (instead of the global X axis) and then have the player always use the same Y rotation as the camera. That part isn't too bad. The real issue is smoothly rotating the camera from outside of the room to looking inside the room without it looking nasty. I hope it's as simple as just doing a sine/cosine rotation around the player's position and that that won't introduce any unexpected behaviors.
22rayword45 14 hours ago
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43GuitarBoy 16 hours ago
Product variations in SQL are not fun. I'll be using like 3 tables.

1 to describe a general product: it's name, its tagline for searches (ex. "Available in 3ft-6ft"
, its categories, and it's search keywords.

1 to describe the variation (attribute) and the values:

And 1 for the actual items themselves. SKU, which product it belongs to, quantity in stock, etc.

Lots of joins.
1 day ago
2 days ago
I have like 60 games on Steam and I've played maybe 2 of them lol
2 days ago
PSA: Outlast Deluxe Edition is free on Humble.
34BlueLake2 2 days ago
It's nice seeing school lunches return to normal. Our trail mix is now 40% chocolate chips, 40% sugary cereal, and 20% craisins/raisins.
2 days ago
Wednesdays and Thursdays are always my extremely busy days.
3 days ago
$4105.65 for 1 BTC!?

This is crazy. I fully expect it to drop at least $500 in the next few weeks.

Almost forgot to say I called it.
3 days ago
So I had to make this 3d model of a reference character in 3ds Max for a class. The target tri count was 5,500 - 6,500. I was actually having a hard time hitting the minimum without adding needless edge loop. I didn't even bother optimizing several parts because I just wanted to hit the minimum.

Guess I'm pretty efficient.