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19 hours ago
iPhone 7: no headphone jack
iPhone 8: no dual camera
iPhone 9: no phone
iPhone 10: no home button
34Acerio 1 day ago
Also, new stuff coming April. shhh
34Acerio 1 day ago
Hope ya'll doing alright. Just checking up.
34BlueLake2 2 days ago
My number of cu.bes is really annoying me

2 days ago
After using Robinhood for a week, it's actually pretty awesome.

(Also, if you want to try out trading stocks use my invite link):
23AquaBeat 2 days ago
Watching car accidents on YouTube at 419 in the morning is fun. Russians are crapy drivers Jesus christ
2 days ago
I need to buy a lot more snacks.
3 days ago

Simulate the iPhone X's camera/front notch on Android devices so you don't have to spend $999 to try it out
3 days ago
Man, I'm super demotivated right now. :/
43GuitarBoy 3 days ago
I want to sell these micro SD cards I sourced last year for someone, but I think they're defective.

I got them for like $3 a piece factoring in the shipping cost from China to here.

I'd like to sell them, even at a loss, but I'm afraid of eBay buyers fliping me with PayPal disputes/returns because of the defect.

They work great for Raspberry Pi's, as well as GPS' and overall they retain the data you put on them. But when I try taking pictures/videos with my GS7, the photos/videos are corrupt with a grey box covering like 90% of the shot. Does anybody know exactly what that means? How can they work fine for other applications but not for photos/videos?