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3 weeks ago
I can't win. I'm pretty sure I'm yet to score above average on any EE test at UT.

I don't understand. I don't get test anxiety or anything like that. And for the computer engineering tests, I've been programming much longer than most of the other students.

I really, really thought I did a lot better this test I just got my score back on, but clearly not.

At least sometimes I'm close, I guess. Like first Circuit Theory test. I got a 60, which was actually barely above the average (don't remember specific number) which I was pretty excited about. Then I went and got some points back because a bunch of my classmates went to get some more partial credit on things. I got 4 points, which put me at a 64.

Then appearently everyone else got a bunch more partial credit than I did, because when I look at the score on Canvas now, I have a 64, and the average is a 68.1.

Oh well, I guess...

.:A-MAN:. dislikes this.
3 weeks ago Reply
Dang gg.