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3 weeks ago
I don't see why people think buying Bitcoin would have been a good "investment."

They obviously don't remember how Bitcoin used to be.

I found my old hard drive from 2011 that has 3 wallets: Bitcoin, VertCoin, and KarmaCoin. Sure, I could've put all my money in Bitcoin, or I could've put it into KarmaCoin - which no longer exists, or VertCoin - which is now like $5 (would've made a bit of profit).

Bitcoin sucked. I remember it like getting hacked and just being a pain to figure out how to use.

Putting your money into Bitcoin would've been gambling or YOLOing, not investing.

Idk, maybe I'm just stuck on how unstable and unusable it was so many years ago that makes me so skeptical of it. Pretty insane that it hit $10k though

3 weeks ago Reply
Oh yeah, the <$300 days were really unstable which was the main reason I never bought any.