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6 months ago
Oh yeah, so update on my dad's car.

Estimate is over $11,400 in damages to the car. Insurance has been complaining with like "oh we don't know how an animal (deer) can do so much damage" and stuff like that (because they don't like paying) and it's pretty sucky because it's like, look we're already losing just that the car had an accident, the difficulty of finding repair shops and getting it towed and stuff, and the fact that my dad has to pay for a rental because needs a car.

Still glad I'm okay, as that's what's most important.

But like, I have pictures and a police report and have never done anything that would make me a "risky driver" (never been pulled over, hit anything [besides this deer], etc), so not sure how they can really be doubting what happened.

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15SuperCam 6 months ago Reply
@umer936 And people wonder why others try to rip insurance companies off lol