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By SLEDGE on August 20, 2017
Test article
Comments (6) 3.0!

By .:A-MAN:. on August 18, 2017
Welcome to 3.0!

Wow, this is long overdue. It's been like what, 3 years since 2.0 came out? Feels like forever. Anyways, enough about that. WHAT'S NEW? (I'll tell ya)

New stuff!

- New look! Every page has been overhauled to feel more consistent, clean, and modern. No more pages looking like they were slapped together in 30 seconds and uploaded. No. These pages were slapped together in more than 30 seconds. Probably even more than 50 seconds.

- Dark theme! Although we're deprecating the old themes, now has an officially supported Dark Theme along with the default light theme. Just flip the theme switch on the settings page.

- Real-time notifications! That's right folks, no need to refresh the page to tell if you've got new notifications. As long as you have a modern browser (you DO have a modern browser, RIGHT???) you'll be able to receive the notifications as they appear thanks to the HTML5 notification API.

- Friend autocomplete for messages! Now being friends with someone actually has benefits! Friend names will automatically appear in the "to" field as you type.

- Messages now send notifications! Pretty self-explanatory, but hey, it's new so I'm putting it here.

- Updated notification page! You can now view as many past notifications as you want! Idk why you would want to, but now you can.

Other changes:

-Removed clutter! We got rid of some pages that were just gathering dust. Overall, this should just help the site feel more clean.

- Logout now works. (Apparently that broke a while ago?)

- "Remember me" should remember you longer now.

- Several misc. typos have been fixed around the site.

Things to know:

Unfortunately, this update may not be all fun and games for some users (sorry about that). One of the decisions we made while developing SC 3.0 was to officially drop support for the 3DS and use the Bootstrap framework to develop the site. This made front-end development much faster and, last time we checked, nobody was using the 3DS browser anymore anyways, so we hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience.

Additionally, the 3.0 update will be the last major update for We're glad to have all of you stick around to see this day and we hope you enjoy the update. However the current staff is going to be moving on to bigger and better things soon and as such, we wanted to leave everything in a good place. isn't going anywhere anytime soon (and we'll make sure to apply any critical security fixes as may be necessary) but no new features will be developed (unless there's a sudden spike in popularity for some reason).

Man that's a lot of text...

So, wrapping up, that leaves one more thing. Starting now, for 24 hours you will receive double cu. for everything! (Don't forget to spend it in the App Store! :P) Thanks again for being a part of this, and we hope to see you around!

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Quick Poll

By .:A-MAN:. on July 5, 2017
Hey, just wanted to conduct a quick poll about the site's various features.

Please order the following features from 1=Most wanted to 10=Least wanted

-Quick Notes
-Referral Center

...and put your answer below in the comments. Thanks!

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In other news...

By .:A-MAN:. on May 7, 2016
Local user complains about the lack of new news:

Somebody make up some news so we have new news on the news section of
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Inspiring Quote

By SLEDGE on February 20, 2016
"My status is getting burried[sic] about my Greenlight page. And some people check cube once a week and don't check older posts.
Do you mind just making a news post[...]?"

-Preston Cammarata, 2016

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By .:A-MAN:. on January 8, 2016
You may have noticed that you have suddenly begun to receive slightly more notifications that you would have previously.

That is because we (I) have now implemented notifications to replies on statuses that you have commented on!

Yeah, I figured it was about time someone did it.
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Important Announcement

By .:A-MAN:. on April 1, 2015
It is on this momentous day that I am very pleased to present to you something which will change the future of forever!

For quite some time, not much has changed here at That's not going to be the case for much longer! We believe that something drastic is needed in order to make more professional, more good-looking, and most importantly, more awesome.

As such, without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce that as of today, will be partnering with none other than Google itself to help create the best social website possible!

What does this mean for Well, first of all, this will mean completely new features that we could have only dreamed of before! With Google's help, we will be merging YouTube into as CubeTube, a brand new video sharing platform! Also, the website's design will be completely overhauled with the aid of some of Google's best designers, giving that extra something that website need to be great in this day and age. Expect traffic to increase massively as from now own, every Google search will feature as the top search result, bringing in new users with every search! At this point you may be worried that our cheap hosting might not survive the amount of traffic incoming, but fear not! With this partnership, Google's servers are our servers, giving us enough bandwidth to deal with virtually any number of excited visitors!

"There must be a catch", you might say. Not at all (unless you count signing your soul over to Google as a catch). Just enjoy the incoming awesomeness!

We hope you continue to enjoy your time here at

Thank you for doing what you do,
-The Team
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PC Klub?

By .:A-MAN:. on August 13, 2014
You know, since it will probably never be released, here's a sneak peek at the would-be PC Klub:

I stumbled upon it while browsing some of my files and I must say, considering the point in my web-developing career that it was made, it's pretty dang awesome.

As usual, use chrome for best viewing.
Comments (3) Minecraft Server

By X27 on July 2, 2014

If you didn't know, @SLEDGE recently bought a Minecraft server from MCProHosting.

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Minor Update

By .:A-MAN:. on July 1, 2014
-Zeta badge added by SLEDGE
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My Internship

By .:A-MAN:. on April 29, 2014
Just a heads-up guys, this summer I will (most likely) have a full-time internship.

Well, what does this mean?
It means that I will probably be on less frequently (though I certainly won't be leaving) and I will have some difficulty finding time to work on updates here. Luckily, I mostly just style things, so it's not too critical if I can't make stuff look good right away.

Are you going to be accepting applications for a new css-person?
At the moment, no.

What will you be doing at the internship?
Mostly debugging software. Fun stuff. Actually, some of the time is supposed to be spent on side projects which may be more fun than that.

When does this internship start?
Soon after I get out of school for summer "vacation" (near the end of June).

How many of these underlined questions are there?

Why did you bother to include these last two questions if they are largely irrelevant to the rest of the article?
Because I can. Now run along and post some statuses or something.
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Birthday Update!

By SLEDGE on April 5, 2014
On April 5th, 2013, was released to the public. We delayed it five days so people wouldn't think it was a joke. And now a year later, here we are. Over fifteen hundred users and twice as many admins later.

@.:A-MAN:. has restyled several parts of the website for the occasion. I have finished the badge system, and you will see those get used more and more in the upcoming months.

The biggest thing I've been working on is a new server configuration that will make our URLs shorter and awesomer. Look at the address bar(esp. on Status') and you'll see what I mean.

For developers: You can now link to and get rewarded! Similar to the system I had on DSiComm, the more users a site directs to us with hyperlinks, the higher up they will get in our "Referrals" center. Later on I'll add in individual reference codes that will allow you guys without websites to get recognized for bringing in more users.

EDIT: OH, and I forgot a way cool thing. Your profiles are now at
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March Winners

By SLEDGE on April 4, 2014
The winner of last months first contest has won a free Steam copy of Civ-V! @.:A-MAN:., If you already have it, you get the $30 DLC package "Gods and Kings" instead(also a winner badge). Congrats(and thanks for the awesome avatar :P)!
(His entry for "Best SLEDGE Avatar")

Honorable mention goes to CJ101 for his submission referencing my eating habits.

The second contest winner has won first pick at a list of games, as well as a winner badge. The runner-up gets second choice of any game from the same list. For the personal avatar contest, our first winner is..... @Prestotron! @CJ101 was a close runner-up, and will get second pick.
Thank you to everybody who participated!

I would like to do an April contest, but haven't decided on one yet. If you guys have anything you would like to compete in, comment below within the next week. Let's say next... Friday, I'll post another article about this months contest. See you then!
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Read if you use a computer

By SLEDGE on March 12, 2014

We want to organize some gaming parties, only 3 people have submitted their games and schedules. Everybody else go do it.

Parteh tahm
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Win A Game(contest)/Block People(feature) -March Update

By SLEDGE on March 4, 2014
For this month's contest, there will be two categories.

#1: Whoever makes me the best custom avatar, wins.

#2: Whoever makes themselves the best custom avatar also wins.

Making from scratch is better, but using clipart or whatever in clever ways works if it's still awesome enough. You must mark clearly which category your entry is for, and you may enter into both if you so choose(but for fairness cannot win both prizes). Both winners will receive a medal/badge when that system is in.

Winner of the first contest will win a Steam copy of Civ V, or if you already own a copy I will give you the $30 DLC package "Gods and Kings." If you own THAT, we'll come up with something else of equal value.

Second contest winner can choose between any one of the following games:

Runner-ups for both categories will receive second and third choice for a single category #2 game, as listed above. Winner will be announced 4/04/14. Whichever runner-up chooses first after being announced gets first(second) pick.

On another note, I have implemented a block feature. If you go to somebody's profile and block them you will no longer be able to see each others content on blogs or status'. PM's are also blocked. This can be undone at any time, and staff cannot be blocked.
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By .:A-MAN:. on February 18, 2014
As requested by GuitarBoy...*


Containing 50 of the most recent loops that I have created in FL Studio in uncompressed 2116kbp/s WAV format.

These are literally my 50 most recent loops that I made, completely unfiltered (some of them are poop), so know that before downloading. Also, the zip file is pretty dang big.

To be clear: these loops are given free for LISTENING, however you are not free to use them in any projects, commercial or not, without my permission. That also means you can't sell them.

You can download everything here:

*He requested everything I made, but I didn't feel like uploading everything. This is only about %15-20 of my music-related stuff.
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By .:A-MAN:. on February 15, 2014
Many of you have heard of them. Those of you that haven't, I'm not going in-depth, but cryptocurrencies are basically digital money. Bitcoin is the most well known of these.

I personally have several different wallets (the way that you store these coins). I have Litecoin, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, Smartcoin, Maxcoin, and Unobtanium.

As all of you should know, we accept (and appreciate) donations here at However this involves having a paypal account and requires "real" money* such as US Dollars. This is understandably a pretty big turnoff to most of you.

Thus, I'm considering adding a page to which you can donate different cryptocurrencies instead. This would make donating much easier as it requires nothing more than downloading the wallet of your choice and then taking [however much time it takes] to mine a few coins. Then you can simply enter the address I provide you and sent the desired amount to one of my wallets.

To be up front with you, these coins often have little "real" money* value (one Dogecoin is currently only worth $0.0015 USD). Unless a significant amount of coins are donated, I** probably won't even cash them out and they really won't help us the same way that donating $ would.

If you think this is a good idea, are there any certain wallets you'd like us to have?

Anyways, just food for thought***.

*Real money isn't real, hence the quotation marks.
**I might send them to SLEDGE to cash out if we get enough since he pays for the hosting, I wouldn't cash stuff for my personal benefit unless you asked me to do so for your donation.
***not actually edible
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New News

By .:A-MAN:. on February 7, 2014
So, what's happening?


But seriously, most of us admins are putting the app store to good use working on some... secret projects.

You'll like them.

Also, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the features that didn't make it into 2.0, they will be coming in the next release.
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Merry Christmas!

By .:A-MAN:. on December 24, 2013
Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and happy holidays from the staff!

PS: Updates are headed your way soon!

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Winter Charity

By SLEDGE on December 19, 2013

Every 19 seconds, a baby dies because it didn't have drinkable water.

Donation Page


If we exceed $20, that will give water to somebody who doesn't have it. If we get to $40, two peoples lives will be drastically improved. Each set of $20 through this charity provides TWO DECADES of clean water to somebody who doesn't have it.

Please watch this short video to get an idea of how important this cause is:

If you donate and help us reach the goal of $40, I will give everybody who donated(at least a dollar) a medal on their profile that shows off your generosity.

Anybody who donates $10 will receive a gold medal on their profile. This will show you are the generous of the generous.


1) 100% of your donations go directly to the people in need. All the administration and hosting fees for this charity are paid by other means, your money helps these people directly.

2) After we've provided the money near the end of winter, they will begin work helping these people. They will SEND US PICTURE AND GPS COORDINATES of the people we helped. When somebody clicks the medal on your profile, they will be sent to a dedicated page WHERE THEY WILL SEE WHO YOU HELPED.

Now if you need a better reason to donate, I will be matching all your donations at the end of the campaign. That means for every dollar you donate, I will donate one(up to $50). You sacrifice $5, and the charity gets $10. Ask your parents to help you donate to this cause, it is a charity and they will most definitely say yes.

BONUS: All donations made before Christmas, I will matchx2. Every dollar you donate, I will donate two. You donate $5 and the charity will get $15. Hurry up before Christmas is over!

The goal of $40 is relatively small, but it will help two people that need help, and that is amazing. Every dollar counts, so please do whatever you can. Ask your parents for help if you don't have a credit card.

I will be editing this with more tiers and rewards later on as I formulate them. Keep checking back :)

PS: If you are a visitor that is not part of, your donation will be even more appreciated. If you ever do join the site, we'll make sure you get your rewards.

PPS: I put in a few dollars to get the ball rolling, your turn!

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Dev Section

By SLEDGE on December 15, 2013
So a while back I introduced the developer section of It basically puts all the coding stuff on a different part of the site as not to confuse new users, and to prevent spam submissions.

It broke a while back, but I needed it for the future link to app submissions so I fixed it.

Anyway, you can mess with themes again.

And for those wondering about the PHP/API section, that was something I was working on forever ago. It makes it so you can login with on other sites(that want to use it). Kind of like the login with facebook or google things you find all over the place now.
But I thought about it and realized nobody would actually use it on their sites so I never quite finished it(it's at like 80%). Just so you know what kind of stuff may eventually show up in that section of the dev panel.
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By SLEDGE on December 2, 2013
<!-- So I had an idea to make a second bot that is more friendly, to help make the site more inviting, to help us help users, give tips, etc..

Some of you loved the idea, some of you didn't like it. Vote yay or nay and next week I'll start work or cancel it depending on your votes.

This would probably not take away from my time developing other parts of the site. Most of the work I have to do I don't really want to, but I like AI/Bot stuff so I would do it &quot;on my own time&quot; so to speak.

Anyway, vote. -->

There was a resounding "Yes" to the bot vote. So now you get to decide what it will look like. I have compiled eight faces to choose from. Feel free to suggest swapped features or whatever("I like 1 but the hair would be better if it was like 3" or whatever). Also submit names. I was thinking some one or two syllable girl name followed by "Bot", like AmyBot, SamBot, etc.

If you are on a small screen, click the image to enlarge it.
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Contest Winner

By SLEDGE on November 28, 2013
So Thanksgiving is here, and it's time to choose the winner of the &quot;Useless Contest&quot;. To win this contest, you were to list a useless product that you can buy for any price at any store. There were three potential candidates, but only one could be the winner.

@umer936's submission definitely stood out.... HD Sunglass Wraparounds. When compared to @heldplayers USB rock it was a hard choice, but I have to give @heldplayer the win. The reasons being wraparounds could maybe be useful as just sunglasses, but mostly because I said a link to the purchase page would give you an edge, and @heldplayer provided one.

So, Heldplayer, choose your prize from the three listed in the previous article. Umer will get second pick because it was so close.

Honorable mention goes to @wellsandlava for his Cup Lock.
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Charity Event[edit]

By SLEDGE on November 26, 2013
How many of you have digital money? I'm thinking of something that would be fun to do for 2.0, or maybe Christmas.

With the app we(at least were?) working on, we have been discussing the possibility of purchasing points through in-app purchases(or just through the site for no-android people).
(Points and Reputation are different mind you, so your level would not go up with purchases, but you would be able to buy apps and what not. Maybe bigger purchases would yield you Rep, or a medal, but this is all just swirling around in my brain so we'll see what happens).

Anyway, back to the point of the article. What if I set up a charity goal, and had half the purchases the first few weeks of 2.0 go to that cause. You would get points, help charity, and help the site. Everybody wins.
At the end of the thing I can either choose a good charity, or let you guys decide if you want.

The more I think about it though, I don't know if I'll have the time to get it in for 2.0. So, Assuming 2.0 is far enough away from Christmas we could do this as a Christmas gifting thing. The contest would end Christmas eve, and I would donate the money we raise on Christmas day. The 50/50 split is also flexible, so let me know how much you want going where.

Only worth setting up though if you guys would participate and help get at least $30 for the cause. So, let me know if you can do it, what charities you would like if we did, the split, what our goal should be, etc.

Also staff give your input on how you can help(you can respond in the staff status if it involves other 2.0 stuff)

This just barely came to me and we are short on time so I am posting this publicly so we can all work together to get a decent donation ready in time.


Edit/Prize: If we exceed our goal by some currently undetermined amount, I will send the top contributer a mug, can cooler, or mouse pad.

Details on those here.
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A Useless Contest

By SLEDGE on November 21, 2013
What is the most useless thing you can purchase? On the internet, at a drugstore, anywhere for any price(at least $.01). Leave your creative response below, and whoevers response satisfies me the most will receive one of the following prizes, whichever one you choose.

(Steam Key)

(Steam Key)

(Equivalent of 50 Status Posts)

The winner will also receive a medal for his/her profile, to be redeemed when that system is created. I may give medals to runner-ups if it is close enough.

I will announce the winner on Thanksgiving. You get two tries. Start thinking.
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By SLEDGE on November 13, 2013
Because we are revitalizing the CSS here on 2.0, I will probably be putting a &quot;Outdated&quot; message on every current theme when 2.0 comes out. It will be automatically removed when the owner updates it to fit the new styling.

I can also make it so themes can have more than one contributor(so the owner can give edit permissions to friends). Each theme will then hopefully have more time spent on it and be better quality.

And also also, I will probably reset all your themes to the new default as I have no idea how screwed up some of them are going to be with the new design.

Letting you all know now so nobody freaks out later.

Edit: And I am aware that the dev section is not really working anymore. I'll make sure it is back up before 2.0.
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Welcome, X27!

By .:A-MAN:. on November 5, 2013
Congratulations to X27 who has been appointed to the position of Admin!

He will be working alongside Skittles with javascript development as well as producing exclusive apps for the App Store.
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More Updates

By .:A-MAN:. on October 5, 2013
The following was copies from my status so that others could see:

As a blanket response to the inactivity, I'll apologize on behalf of all the admins. As we have stated before, we are busy.

HOWEVER, I would like to let you know that, while you can't see it, we have made significant progress behind the scenes.

While I won't reveal much, I'll say that a major release is planned (2.0) and should (I really hate setting dates, but) hopefully be ready for you guys by the end of the year, or if not, at least within 6 months.

And if things go as planned, there might (possibly) be a small party of sorts. Or something like that.
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Humble Bundle(outdated)

By SLEDGE on August 15, 2013
If you are a PC gamer, go to this website. If not, tell your PC gaming friends to go instead(in fact tell them either way).

To sum it up, EA Games has started allowing gamers to choose how much they want to pay for certain games(Battlefield 3, Sims 3, and Dead Space 3 are just a few examples). They give out a bundle of games; You pay whatever you want above a dollar, and boom. The pack of 6 games is all yours. If you pay over the average amount(like $5), you get a pair of extra games.

$215 worth of games for $5

Why would they do this? Charity. In addition to getting great games for next to nothing, you get to choose between several different charities to donate ALL the money to. Yup, EA is getting nothing from this. It's all to encourage you to donate to charity.

An Amazing deal for an amazing cause. Pay what you want, but please try to be as generous as possible to encourage this kind of amazing system for the future.

Also, Pewdiepie, the <strike> second</strike>(EDIT: He just became #1 ;))most subscribed youtuber, is hosting a weekly sale where he hand-picks a few games for a bundle that changes every week. You can pay one cent for the game bundles he picks out.

PS: The games are delivered via redeemable coupon codes for Origin AND Steam where available.

Humble Bundle:

Dead Space
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Crysis Maximum Edition
Mirror's Edge
Dead Space 3
Medal of Honor
Battlefield 3
The Sims 3

Pewdiepie's Pick of Indie Games:

Thomas Was Alone
The Showdown Effect
Amnesia: The Dark Descsent
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Updates n' Stuff

By .:A-MAN:. on August 3, 2013
All right, guys, I believe it's time for some updates on what's going on here.

Not much visible progress is being made, but I'm posting this to let you know that stuff is actually happening (yes, stuff).

I'll try to let you know as much as I can without being too specific. First off, the App Store is (slowly, but surely) making progress. You might think, &quot;You've said this a million times,&quot; but I've seen it and, believe me, it's REALLY close. Just give lunchmeats a while to get a new charger for his laptop to resume work (yeah, that's the holdup right now).

Secondly, there are multiple undisclosed features currently being worked on that are set to release in the moderate future, one of which should greatly help with this kind of thing. I believe this feature is far enough along and of great enough significance to just spill the beans. It's called Tasks and, simply put, will allow you to see what's being worked on by the admins, how far they have come, and possibly be able to submit feature requests in the future.

And lastly (for now), work is being resumed on Guilds. Expect shiny things. All I'm going to say.

Thank you for your time and for using,

Here is Tasks <3
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Be Careful With What You Post

By umer936 on June 29, 2013
Hello guys.

This is just a little Public Service Announcement.

As some may already be aware, there are some of y'all that are unaware about this recent event.

In a nutshell, this 18 year old had a Facebook post about League of Legends and someone commented something along the lines of "Oh you're insane, you're crazy, you're messed up in the head."

His response: "Oh yeah, I'm real messed up in the head, I'm going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts
Source: Huffington Post

A Canadian women didn't find this sarcastic comment very funny and looked up his address (which was on his Facebook) and decided that him living close to a school is valid enough reason to believe this is a terrorist threat.

She proceeds to call Austin Police Department and they arrest 18 year old Justin Carter. He has been in jail for 3 months so far and faces up to 8 years in priosn. All because of something he said on the Internet.

After 8 years, he will be 27. He will be a jobless, not-college educated 27 year old with the attempt to find a job that will take him even though he has a criminal record--for something he posted on Facebook. If he faces all 8 years, the majority of his life is ruined.

The takeaway from this story is to be careful what you post on the Internet.
Every single post or comment that you post, take two seconds to think, "if this post was taken by itself, would it be a good or bad representation of me?"

I myself am not perfect and have posted things that if taken the way this was posted would put me in jail by the same standards as Justin's post, but I plan on being even more careful with what I post on the Internet and you should too.

Yes, the police department is completely unjust in considering this be worth 8 years in prison, but it is what it is. If you post something controversial and possibly violent, little things will be considered against you.

It's not always "innocent until proven guilty", in this case it's "guilty until proven innocent."
While that's not fair, the police are the one's in control.
Why is him living close to a school enough reason to arrest him?
What psychopath has thought, "oh, I want to shoot a school, but I don't live near one"?

So be careful what you post on the Internet and think, "what if the police saw this? my future employers? my school?"

And those who post very controversial things (sometimes with the intent of trolling) need to be careful too. (y'all know who y'all are)

You could end up in prison.

More info on the case:
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As Supercam pointed out...

By Therum on May 29, 2013
"Dont know if you guys knew, but it was @SLEDGE 's B-Day the 18th so

Since I cant go back in time for your birthday party...
Let's all wish him a happy birthday!
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Email Restored

By SLEDGE on May 9, 2013
Email server has been re-enabled.

How many errors did you have during the shutdown? Details details details.
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TOS Update

By SLEDGE on May 1, 2013
The Terms of Service have been updated with a new clause indexed under section three.

III. Attempting to locate personal information on another user will result in a permanent ban. This includes the unauthorized posting/researching of users name(first or last), pictures, location, or phone number.

There have been a few users trying to get information on each other for the fun of scaring them. Although this is what you may call "harmless fun", we can't allow you to do it anymore. It threatens the safety of the users here, which is the number one priority here at

I don't know if you are a pedophile or not, and if you try to look up kids through this website I will ban you forever. This is your warning. I know none of you are meaning any harm, but this is just something we can not let continue.

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Email Shutdown

By SLEDGE on April 29, 2013
As you have all seen, there have been random periodic server slowdowns ever since the site came up. It has nothing to do with the users online, the activity, or where users are at. It crashed with literally nobody on the other night for like an hour.

The other websites I host through this account are not affected, so whatever it is must be tied to the domain. What happens randomly at unpredictable times of the day to only one domain, and that requires a lot of server power? Receiving emails.

So, I am shutting down the email system on May first, and then I will bring it back up on May 7th or 8th. During this period, look out very closely for 500 errors and server lag. If they stop, I'll try to find a way to fix the problem, if they continue, we'll know it's unrelated and I can try something else.

So yeah, sorry for the inconvenience, but it'll help the site a lot in the long-run(no more server lag!). Again, just a temporary shutdown to test if it is the problem. Now, to wait for all the whining about it being shut down forever from the noobs to lazy to read the whole article :P
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By Therum on April 28, 2013
I'm a new admin. I wrote for DSiHub, all(I think) of the sites after it and some of my code even made it on DSiPlaza. That's basically all. Feel free to PM with requests and such. I'll be sure to share them with the other admins. That's all, have fun
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Podcast (updated)

By SLEDGE on April 26, 2013
How many of you have iPods/iPhones or even just access to iTunes?

I had this idea today that could be pretty interesting. What if we made a podcast and published it every week on iTunes? The content could range from updates to news, but would probably mostly consist of user content. Those of you with microphones could tryout for a weekly spot on the show to talk about one thing or another. I could host it, or somebody else could if they are better at it.

It could also be kinda like a talk show. Maybe I could voice call people like @Abu and we could talk about some issues or whatever, like a radio talk show.

Just an idea, but sounds like it could be pretty fun. I can't do it by myself though, so if depends on a few things.

1)We have to have a large group of users with access to iTunes podcasts, and that are interested.

2)I need ideas for content, tell me what you would want to see in it

3)People who would be willing to contribute content, hopefully even somebody who could co-host it with me.

Comment away.

UPDATE: If we made this, we would make it available for Android as well as iOS. Pretty much any system capable of using our RSS code. So, comment again if you said you only had android, and tell us if you would listen to it, and what android podcast software you would like it to be available on.
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By SLEDGE on April 15, 2013
There are 8 staff members here, but for some reason I'm always the one stuck being the disciplinarian... Oh well.

Anyway, to get straight to the point, the flirtatiousness has gotten a bit out of hand here. There is a fine line between being loving to each other, because we're like family, and being flirty hormonal cause we are... triceratopses. If you catch my drift. You guys are dancing on that thin line and if it doesn't stop, things will get out of control, and the 10 year old dating children noobs will flock over here cause "hey they allow dating!!!11!!one". We don't. It is one of our direct rules. It is dumb, annoying, and a major drama causer.

The difference between the platonic "&lt;3" that you see .:A-MAN:. post, and the kinda flirting you guys are doing is getting more and more easy to differentiate. Right now it's in control, but if we don't put a stop to it, it will be. If you guys can't stop on your own I'll have to put in a zero-tolerance policy and throw bans around, which I'd really rather not have to do.

Also, I have learned that there has been some profane messages being sent back and forth between certain users. Because PM's are private, the only way to keep you from doing it is by invading privacy, which I don't want to do. So, I am in the process of programming TheCube to detect these explicit messages and flag them. You won't know you've been caught until it's too late. So, If you are one of the users sending these messages, I suggest you stop now before I complete the script and no ban will come to you.

We are like a little family here, so saying &quot;Love you&quot; is okay, as long as it is clearly platonic and not so frequent.

Also, while I'm here yelling at you, I may as well address the attention seeking thing that's been going on(i'm ugly, i'm sad, boo hoo hoo). It annoys people. If you want attention, PM a friend instead of posting it in the status'.

Now, to end on a positive note:
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Theme Stuff

By SLEDGE on April 10, 2013
Just had to put this somewhere I knew everybody would get the chance to read it.

The thing that's making it take so long to open up the dev section, is a class thing I'm doing.

Basically, I'm putting a generic class into all the main div's of the website. For example, tm_head is going to be on all the headers of the site. This will make it very easy for you guys to change everything in a theme without missing any spots. Of course, you will still also be able to target specific areas like you're already doing. There will just be general tags to fallback to so nothing is left blank.

I'm also going to be putting in a form like:

&lt;textarea&gt;Header CSS&lt;/textarea&gt;
&lt;textarea&gt;Inner CSS&lt;/textarea&gt;

After filling this form out and hitting submit, it will generate you a basic template to work with, and then you will put in the details from there. It will probably also include some checkboxes on what CSS selectors you want put on your template.

I also plan on re-designing the theme page to accommodate all these new submitted themes that are cluttering up the selection page(and it will help you find the more popular ones). I'm also putting in a way for mods to block any user that starts submitting themes without knowing any CSS(it'll be called losing CSS dev privileges or something) so it doesn't turn into a crap pile.

So yeah, that's why it's taking so long. It should be well worth it.
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Blogs [everybody read]

By SLEDGE on April 10, 2013
I have tweeked blogs up a little bit. You can now have a lot more than you used to be able to. There yah go. Also, I made the delete button work.

However, on a more important note. So stay with me. Many of you do not seem to understand the way blogs here work so let me explain it.

You create a blog(series), which has a generic title such as "My Reviews". People then subscribe to that BLOG for reviews. A blog entry is what it is called when you add an entry to that blog. It is not just a place to dump random crap(unless it's a random crap blog :p) like most website blogs are. Our blog system is structured, and works like a real blog website.
If that still doesn't make sense please tell me so I can find a better way to explain it.

Lastly, many of you have been trying to make blogs about website updates. This is what the affiliate section of the forums are for. Please post a "Such and such updates" forum for your website in that area, and update it as you please.

Thank you for reading, with your help we can turn the blog section into a great part of this website.
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By SLEDGE on April 9, 2013
So, as I've mentioned a hundred times before, we have a lot on our plate as administrators right now. There are weeks worth of very important stuff we have to do.

So, to get straight to the point. Please refrain from asking for new features and properties until we have already finished what we have planned. Glitches may be reported via the previous glitches news article or by PMing an administrator. But, pointless arbitrary things like an on/off swear filter(yes, I'm looking at you Ray :P) can wait until the more important stuff is done.

We just released a few days ago and have a lot of important work to do to stabilize the website. We can not be adding new features or be using up our limited time on things that are not as important.

This is not to say we won't add features here and there for you, but let us work at our pace for now.

Later, I will post a news article asking you what you want us to work on, but for now we just need a little space.

I hope to get the site stabilized and new features running soon.
Thank you.
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Please Read This

By SLEDGE on April 6, 2013
If you got your email confirmation when you registered: Go ahead and stop reading.

If you did NOT receive an email upon registration though, please comment your email provider. I need to see if there is a consistent pattern to which users don't receive emails. Only way I'll be able to locate the problem.

Thanks! :)
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Glitches [UPDATED]

By SLEDGE on April 5, 2013
Now that a lot of users are on, a TON of glitches we didn't know about before are showing up. Things like email confirmation, avatars, etc...

Anyway, please comment on this article any glitches you have seen so we can fix them. Before you do though, look down and make sure nobody else has already posted it.

Skittles is working on QN as we speak, and should be open soon.

I am working on a developer-only section of that will allow users to submit apps and themes easily and improve the site.

Apps won't come out for a while, LM101 is being a slacker(and he is designing that section).

We are having all-around email issues for reasons I have yet to look into. I'll post a comment or edit this article or something when I've made progress on that, but right now I have no idea how long it'll take. Could just be an easy fix.

I think that's everything, See you 'round the Cube!

PS: Send a PM to TheCube for a little easter egg ;)

EDIT: I have solved the email sending problem. You should now receive mail to, and then be able to reply. Comment if it doesn't work.

Still figuring out the confirmation problem; I'll keep you posted.
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Welcome To!

By SLEDGE on April 5, 2013
It's been a long time in the making, and I hope it's as great as we all hoped it to be!

Now for rewards! I said I would give users points for being the first 3 to register. Here is the list:

SilverAceV has received 20 free cu, BlueLake has received 15, and Akise has received 10. The other two are just honorable mentions.

There is 25 cu. going to the 10 users who followed us on twitter. Please tweet/reweet us so I know who to give the points to(some idiot spammed our feed so I can't really see those of you who already did it).
Everybody else, follow us @SocialCub3 because I will be having more twitter-only contests in the future.

I'll be posting a second article in just a sec detailing the features and glitches(so it's not one long boring dealio).

Congrats, guys! You had a lot of competition for that first spot.
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Our Twitter Page

By SLEDGE on January 28, 2013
Follow us on Twitter @SocialCub3, and you will be eligible to play lots of games, join competitions, and receive prizes in our giveaways.

For our first Twitter giveaway, the first 10 followers will receive 25 free points by tweeting us your username.
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