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By SLEDGE on December 15, 2013
So a while back I introduced the developer section of Cu.be. It basically puts all the coding stuff on a different part of the site as not to confuse new users, and to prevent spam submissions.

It broke a while back, but I needed it for the future link to app submissions so I fixed it.

Anyway, you can mess with themes again.

And for those wondering about the PHP/API section, that was something I was working on forever ago. It makes it so you can login with Cu.be on other sites(that want to use it). Kind of like the login with facebook or google things you find all over the place now.
But I thought about it and realized nobody would actually use it on their sites so I never quite finished it(it's at like 80%). Just so you know what kind of stuff may eventually show up in that section of the dev panel.
1Bowser 4 years ago
23wellsandlava 4 years ago
I will gladly use this dev pup login thing. Please finish it
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
I approve.
43SLEDGE 4 years ago
@foxalchemist I'll look into it.
3foxalchemist 4 years ago
i tryed saving mine and after the 'captureing screenshot do not close' page, this came up


wat it mean
30Yenwood 4 years ago
You should go ahead with the API anyway. I know I want to mess with it.
3foxalchemist 4 years ago
i'm gonna try a simple rainbow dash one, for some practace

then i'll try stuff other people might actualy want XD
43SLEDGE 4 years ago
Yeah, themes use a lot of the same CSS as you would use in profile design.
3foxalchemist 4 years ago
i think i might go ahead and try a test one :U
3foxalchemist 4 years ago
i'm thinking about trying ths :3

the css and the way you use it is like profile css right?