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By SLEDGE on November 13, 2013
Because we are revitalizing the CSS here on 2.0, I will probably be putting a "Outdated" message on every current theme when 2.0 comes out. It will be automatically removed when the owner updates it to fit the new styling.

I can also make it so themes can have more than one contributor(so the owner can give edit permissions to friends). Each theme will then hopefully have more time spent on it and be better quality.

And also also, I will probably reset all your themes to the new default as I have no idea how screwed up some of them are going to be with the new design.

Letting you all know now so nobody freaks out later.

Edit: And I am aware that the dev section is not really working anymore. I'll make sure it is back up before 2.0.
3foxalchemist 4 years ago
ok :3
21607jf 4 years ago
23wellsandlava 4 years ago
Oh yea that's pretty sketchy man! Psssst make a widgets for the 2.0
43SLEDGE 4 years ago
Also I'm going to try to make it so each system you login to can have a different theme.
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
Good, I was just about to mention the dev section.