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As Supercam pointed out...

By Therum on May 29, 2013
"Dont know if you guys knew, but it was @SLEDGE 's B-Day the 18th so

Since I cant go back in time for your birthday party...
Let's all wish him a happy birthday!
1derp 4 years ago
Mine was a aug 27 witch passed (fore ever alone)
1derp 4 years ago
Happ happy happy b-day :]
1Prestotron 4 years ago
1TrialError437 4 years ago
I'm friending u sledge!
1TrialError437 4 years ago
1TrialError437 4 years ago
3TBON 4 years ago
6ShadowFall 4 years ago
Happy super belated birthday!
43SLEDGE 4 years ago
Thanks guys.
20IISuperWomenII 4 years ago
Already knew,lol.
10sonicman68 4 years ago
Birthday belated happy, I am party to the late.
10TwistedChaos95 4 years ago
Happy belated birthday.
34BlueLake2 4 years ago
Happy birthday!
1311Drago 4 years ago
Happy Birthday Man.
23wellsandlava 4 years ago
Happy bday man!
17Skittles 4 years ago
HAPPY BIRFDEY!!!!!!!1111
3imisscuddles10 4 years ago
Happy Birthday
34kenw2 4 years ago
I sent him a pm, so HA!

Happy B-Day again.
7MagicalHero 4 years ago
Happy Birthday!
11thesite 4 years ago
Happy belated birthday!

Mine is the 19th lol
28CJ101 4 years ago
Happy birthday SLEDGE! I would make you some roast baby, but I didn't have any on hand.
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
Happy B-Day!
15SuperCam 4 years ago
15meweb 4 years ago
Happy bday!