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Email Restored

By SLEDGE on May 9, 2013
Email server has been re-enabled.

How many errors did you have during the shutdown? Details details details.
1Mongoose01 4 years ago
1arikneko 4 years ago
i just joind so NOTHING
1ProDS 4 years ago
23AquaBeat 4 years ago
Well, comming back, I have had a lot of 500 errors. Probally you shouldn't really have the email.
3SixxiS 4 years ago
I bunch of 500 errors.
It was also very laggy.
I also got 404 not found three times.
34BlueLake2 4 years ago
(I'm on PC) No errors.
30Yenwood 4 years ago
I didn't notice any differences. Less 500 errors fer shur but it could of been a coincidence.
51umer936 4 years ago
I had a few times when it was just refuse to load a page until refresh...
7MagicalHero 4 years ago
I had wayyy over 9000 errors! :P
22EvilWaffles 4 years ago
Zilch on my end.
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
A bit laggy at times, but no 500s.
1311Drago 4 years ago
Didn't have any errors.
11thesite 4 years ago
I have had multiple errors of 500's, not many.
32Abu 4 years ago
None, it lagged probably once or twice but that is it