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By Therum on April 28, 2013
I'm a new admin. I wrote for DSiHub, all(I think) of the sites after it and some of my code even made it on DSiPlaza. That's basically all. Feel free to PM with requests and such. I'll be sure to share them with the other admins. That's all, have fun
10TwistedChaos95 4 years ago
I seem to vaguely remember you. I'm Nightmare if you're wondering, but I'm not sure we ever spoke.
2AndrewRoks1998 4 years ago
Therum as in compound? Sure has been a while! Welcome back!
2electric 4 years ago
Hey Therum! It's been quite a long time man.
6connecting 4 years ago
Welcome back. Long time no see.
22EvilWaffles 4 years ago
Long time no see.
23AquaBeat 4 years ago
Hello Therum. We are glad to have you here. Enjoy the Noob-Free site while you can.
8dan07171260 4 years ago
34kenw2 4 years ago
23Therum 4 years ago
Of course. I'm being professional about this. I don't want to waste people's time with flashyness.
4FlamingRain 4 years ago
I had expected some fireworks, graphics, maybe some fancy swirls or something, but this was officially official. Straight down and to the point of "here's what I've done and what I can do." I'll keep that in mind...
23Therum 4 years ago
Oh and if I'm online, I'm usually camping in the chatroom and will check every once in a while.
22rayword45 4 years ago
Wow, you're as talkative as J Mascis and Robert Christgau combined.
32Abu 4 years ago
I was expecting more details, then again this is therum fot you all. xD Accept my friend request please
51umer936 4 years ago