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By SLEDGE on April 10, 2013
I have tweeked blogs up a little bit. You can now have a lot more than you used to be able to. There yah go. Also, I made the delete button work.

However, on a more important note. So stay with me. Many of you do not seem to understand the way blogs here work so let me explain it.

You create a blog(series), which has a generic title such as "My Reviews". People then subscribe to that BLOG for reviews. A blog entry is what it is called when you add an entry to that blog. It is not just a place to dump random crap(unless it's a random crap blog
) like most website blogs are. Our blog system is structured, and works like a real blog website.
If that still doesn't make sense please tell me so I can find a better way to explain it.

Lastly, many of you have been trying to make blogs about website updates. This is what the affiliate section of the forums are for. Please post a "Such and such updates" forum for your website in that area, and update it as you please.

Thank you for reading, with your help we can turn the blog section into a great part of this website.
55.:A-MAN:. 2 years ago
43SLEDGE 2 years ago
@umer936 @.:A-MAN:. @SLEDGE

Making sure tagging people works here.
43SLEDGE 2 years ago
@umer936 @.:A-MAN:. @SLEDGE

Making sure tagging people works here.
20IISuperWomenII 4 years ago
I seem to have a feeling the Avatars next our Usernames are blocking our visual text,Another Glitch?
1stykes 4 years ago
hi lol
34BlueLake2 4 years ago
I feel like making a "Random Crap Blog" now...
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
Thanks for posting this.
7MagicalHero 4 years ago
OK...kind of makes sense.
34kenw2 4 years ago
Darn it. Second...
12matty123 4 years ago