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By SLEDGE on April 9, 2013
So, as I've mentioned a hundred times before, we have a lot on our plate as administrators right now. There are weeks worth of very important stuff we have to do.

So, to get straight to the point. Please refrain from asking for new features and properties until we have already finished what we have planned. Glitches may be reported via the previous glitches news article or by PMing an administrator. But, pointless arbitrary things like an on/off swear filter(yes, I'm looking at you Ray :P) can wait until the more important stuff is done.

We just released a few days ago and have a lot of important work to do to stabilize the website. We can not be adding new features or be using up our limited time on things that are not as important.

This is not to say we won't add features here and there for you, but let us work at our pace for now.

Later, I will post a news article asking you what you want us to work on, but for now we just need a little space.

I hope to get the site stabilized and new features running soon.
Thank you.
1stykes 4 years ago

1stykes 4 years ago
i can help if you like
3Andyuk2015 4 years ago
Very good site keep up the good work.
15meweb 4 years ago
Great! Good luck!
23wellsandlava 4 years ago
I can help.
30Yenwood 4 years ago
Im telling you, rooooaaaaadmaaaap
43SLEDGE 4 years ago
The security is in place, there are just a ton of glitches.
17mjking 4 years ago
All security should be in place before the opening of the site.
11thesite 4 years ago
12matty123 4 years ago
34kenw2 4 years ago
6Rango 4 years ago