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Please Read This

By SLEDGE on April 6, 2013
If you got your email confirmation when you registered: Go ahead and stop reading.

If you did NOT receive an email upon registration though, please comment your email provider. I need to see if there is a consistent pattern to which users don't receive emails. Only way I'll be able to locate the problem.

2kunzya 4 years ago
Live diff form of hotmail
20IISuperWomenII 4 years ago
1stykes 4 years ago
7ultraluigi 4 years ago
8FireMatt12 4 years ago
1WinterIcefox 4 years ago
Hotmail :c
1AppleBee 4 years ago
Link didn't work. :/ Hotmail
32Abu 4 years ago
1hairycheez 4 years ago
I got the email, but the link didnt work...
I use Myopera
34kenw2 4 years ago
I got mine the next day.
2jsa005 4 years ago
By the way, I used Mail2Web's PDA version to get the form (Viewed in HTML)
2jsa005 4 years ago
I couldn't click the button using Outlook.com (Yup I'm modern :P, AKA Hotmail)'s mobile site on my DSi, even with Rich Text view enabled. By the way, it went to my Junk folder. I suggest you use a link to activate users.
5TheCreator 4 years ago
51umer936 4 years ago
6connecting 4 years ago
1robdeprop 4 years ago
34kenw2 4 years ago