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Quick Poll

By .:A-MAN:. on July 5, 2017
Hey, just wanted to conduct a quick poll about the site's various features.

Please order the following features from 1=Most wanted to 10=Least wanted

-Quick Notes
-Referral Center

...and put your answer below in the comments. Thanks!

56.:A-MAN:. 7 months ago
@JSMastah regarding the news being moved to status: the main reason why it isn't integrated is because it needs to be easily findable later. Though technically TheCube posts a status when there's news.
10JSMastah 7 months ago
1, Status
2. Inbox
3. Apps
4. Forums
5. Chat

I'd personally love to see the dashboard go and be replaced with the Status section. Dashbourd is just not needed. Oh and for the news section that shows the news I'd also love to see be moved to that status.
53umer936 7 months ago
1) Status
2) Status
10) Status
56.:A-MAN:. 8 months ago
Tasks are what they currently look like. Just a list of things in-progress. Obviously more updated. :P
15SuperCam 8 months ago
9? Define tasks
12heldplayer 8 months ago
1 - Status
10 - Everything else
10JasonTodd 8 months ago
Chill, keep the blogs. I like the blogs.
56.:A-MAN:. 8 months ago
@Yenwood that's basically what I assumed lol
22rayword45 8 months ago
I only ever use Status.
30Yenwood 8 months ago
1 - Status
2 - Inbox

the rest tie for 10