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My Internship

By .:A-MAN:. on April 29, 2014
Just a heads-up guys, this summer I will (most likely) have a full-time internship.

Well, what does this mean?
It means that I will probably be on less frequently (though I certainly won't be leaving) and I will have some difficulty finding time to work on updates here. Luckily, I mostly just style things, so it's not too critical if I can't make stuff look good right away.

Are you going to be accepting applications for a new css-person?
At the moment, no.

What will you be doing at the internship?
Mostly debugging software. Fun stuff. Actually, some of the time is supposed to be spent on side projects which may be more fun than that.

When does this internship start?
Soon after I get out of school for summer "vacation" (near the end of June).

How many of these underlined questions are there?

Why did you bother to include these last two questions if they are largely irrelevant to the rest of the article?
Because I can. Now run along and post some statuses or something.
1Firestone 3 years ago
not bad i guess
1GLaDOS 3 years ago
The last two statements are highly informative and relative to the topic at hand.
28CJ101 3 years ago
Sounds cool, dude.
55.:A-MAN:. 3 years ago
15SuperCam 3 years ago
1SmashedDreams 3 years ago
At least we'll still have you here.
1Prestotron 3 years ago
6 in all <3
1Prestotron 3 years ago