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By .:A-MAN:. on February 15, 2014
Many of you have heard of them. Those of you that haven't, I'm not going in-depth, but cryptocurrencies are basically digital money. Bitcoin is the most well known of these.

I personally have several different wallets (the way that you store these coins). I have Litecoin, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, Smartcoin, Maxcoin, and Unobtanium.

As all of you should know, we accept (and appreciate) donations here at SocialCu.be. However this involves having a paypal account and requires "real" money* such as US Dollars. This is understandably a pretty big turnoff to most of you.

Thus, I'm considering adding a page to which you can donate different cryptocurrencies instead. This would make donating much easier as it requires nothing more than downloading the wallet of your choice and then taking [however much time it takes] to mine a few coins. Then you can simply enter the address I provide you and sent the desired amount to one of my wallets.

To be up front with you, these coins often have little "real" money* value (one Dogecoin is currently only worth $
015 USD). Unless a significant amount of coins are donated, I** probably won't even cash them out and they really won't help us the same way that donating $ would.

If you think this is a good idea, are there any certain wallets you'd like us to have?

Anyways, just food for thought***.

*Real money isn't real, hence the quotation marks.
**I might send them to SLEDGE to cash out if we get enough since he pays for the hosting, I wouldn't cash stuff for my personal benefit unless you asked me to do so for your donation.
***not actually edible
1skydoge 3 years ago
22dsiXLent 4 years ago
I have 10 Nyancoins ._.
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
Ok, I'll be sure to have both Quark and Maxcoin available if this happens.
51umer936 4 years ago
"***not actually edible"

34kenw2 4 years ago
*0. 0035
34kenw2 4 years ago
quark or gtfo

also I bought some maxcoin at
035 so they better rise o_o
23wellsandlava 4 years ago
8FireMatt12 4 years ago
I have 2 Dogecoins but I probably wouldnt donate them because I'm way too lazy to go into my wallet and transfer like 3/1000 of a cent, lol.
17Skittles 4 years ago
Nice footnotes.
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
Lol, yeah. :P
8FireMatt12 4 years ago
Those footnotes
55.:A-MAN:. 4 years ago
Correct value for DOGE:
$0 . 0015