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Represented by the color green, "Moderators", or "mods" for short, are staff that have proven themselves responsible and trustworthy of protecting the site and enforcing rules. They are given the following tools: Banning, deletion, and thread locking. If you need help from a rule-breaker, or some other threat or discomfort from another user, the mods are the ones you can go to for help.


Administrators are the creators of the website and are often represented by the color red. Admins appoint mods, make the big decisions, and type up the code that runs the website. For assistance in areas such as glitches, abusive mods, or security issues, please contact an administrator.

Admin List w/Specialty:
@Skittles - Utility Designer
@SLEDGE - SysAdmin/CFO
@Therum - Cycle Manager
@.:A-MAN:. - Lead Designer
@lunchmeats101 - Designer
@X27 - Lead App Developer

Site AI

A purple star, "Bot", or "Site AI" tag signifies an automated system using Artifical Intelligence. At the moment, the only automated system is called "TheCube", which test and monitors security issues, responds to messages using advanced pandorabot API, and announces small news posts in the status system. More instructions on communicating with the bot can be found in the "Help" tab in your inbox.