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We might as well shoot ourselves now...

Created on 10/04/17 by SuperCam

I really really really hope what I'm about to say is wrong.... But I just don't know how I could be…

The world had become a very scary place. With North Korea threatening to nuke everyone, South America's economy in turmoil, Civil War about to erupt in Spain, ISIS, The UK leaving the EU, genocide in eastern asia, the constant geopolitical unrest in Africa, and the countless amount of displaced refugees has me extremely concerned.

Not to mention the state my nation is in. The citizens here in America are angry and divided. Domestic terrorism is becoming the norm. We have a President that shouldn't have been the republican nominee whom doesn't seem to know what he's doing. Granted the press doesn't give him the respect he deserves.

Speaking of the press... What on earth are they doing??? They've completely forgotten how to be journalists. They are nothing more than a bunch of click baiting vultures. ON BOTH SIDES! They no longer care about the truth, only the views. All this does is divide the country more and help fuel ignorance. Just these past few days with the Las Vegas shooting, the media is telling people that Trump called the shooting a "miracle." But these dumb Americans just take the media at face value. Honestly I think it's worse than getting your news on Facebook. If you actually watch the video, trump says that it was a miracle how fast the 1st responders where.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like Trump AT ALL. #FeelTheBern
But right now, we could literally have any other man or woman in office and everything would be the same.

I really hope I'm wrong, but if WWIII doesn't start in the next 24 months I'm going to be waaaaay more than surprised.

Honestly my view of the future is becoming much more darker and pessimistic.
In fact, I'm beginning to come up with plans for my future if the war does break out. I know I won't be ever drafted into the military because I'm nuts... But what about my degree? What's the point of having a PhD in theoretical physics if the world is going to end?

What about my novel in writing? It's the mark I want to leave on the world. It's what I want my legacy to be what I want to be remembered for. But again, what would be the point??

If I didn't firmly believe in my religion, I would have no hope what so ever about this. However, I have a really good idea what I'm supposed to do with my life. And because of this, until the earth stops spinning, I'm going to plan as if it will continue.

But it's not like I know the future. What I think I'm supposed to do could just be what I need to think right now. But I'll cross that bridge when /if I come to it.

I can't imagine not believing in a high power these days. How could anyone move forward? If I didn't I would neuter myself tomorrow. I have no desire to bring a child into the world we are about to enter. And if I didn't believe, why would I want to continue humanity anyways? If we're not sons and daughters of our heavenly father, and we happen to be the first sentient life form in the cosmos, then frankly we deserve to wipe ourselves out!

A truly enlightened lifeform would have unlimited compassion, love, and respect for not just their neighbors or their enemies. But ALL life. But no, we do what we want when we want because we can.

Let's enslave a billion animals just so we can make money at McDonald's. But god forbid us use any of our resources to fix the famine in Africa and South America! No that wouldn't be profitable. No let's just start a non profit so it looks like we care, but we just want the publicity.

Let's kick everyone out of the country just because they're not American. It's not like most of them are hard working people that just want to take care of their families. It's not like the system is broken and an honest person can get citizenship without being rich already.

Let's just ignore the civil wars and and pain other people are experiencing throughout the world because I have to know someone personally before I become emotionally invested. A face on tv isn't any different from a movie is it? Of course not!

My heart is revolted looking at the world we live in now. How can't there be so much hate??? Are we really that different from each other?

Why do so many of you get pissed off when someone cuts you off? Are you really going to tell me you've never cut someone off before?? Did you do it on purpose? Probably not, the only reason you would have is because you were already road raging like a rabid dog!

All of you think there is nothing you can do because “that's just not how the world works.” But imagine if everyone that read this just decided to volunteer instead of having “jobs.” And what I mean by “jobs” are the ones that are pointless.
Do we really need stock brokers? NO
Insurance companies? NO

Here's the real kind of jobs.

All those other jobs are just there so that "people have jobs" need to be completely abolished. If it can be done by a robot, give the workers that would have had that job an education so that they can design, program, and maintain the robot.

Seriously, if it can be done by a robot why should a human deal with it?? Give them an education!

The world is about to implode because of greed, hatred, lies, fear, and laziness.

You, yes YOU, could decide right now to go volunteer at a charity tomorrow. Make a wish, a nursing home, even an animal shelter. But will you? NO

You've got more important things to do such as your 9 to 5 job and Netflix.

Screw giving blood for those in need of i instead of your lunch break! A man's got to eat!

Screw pulling over to ask that man on the side of the road if he needs help changing his tire! It's not like he's a sexy blonde! What would I get out of it??

Skrew health care! They should have a job with benefits!

Screw giving my employees actual benefits! That wouldn't be profitable!

Screw providing funds to teachers and schools! I don't want my tax money going there.

Seriously, America is screwed. Once the spark ignites, America is going to go berserk on the rest of the world.

And trust me, it will ignite. It's not a question of if or of when. But of how. Place your bets, Spain? Korea? Zimbabwe? Nothing is of the table people. We're a crashed gasoline tanker next to a downed powerline, a forest fire, and the cigarette the driver was smoking.

Everything is going to fall apart. And all I want to do is get my degrees, finish my book, and have a family.

But we'll see how that goes won't we.


3 months ago
That said, I agree with a lot of this, especially news making it sound like Trump was awful with his response.

Personally, I'm pissed how the media makes it seem like the US gov't has done nothing to help Puerto Rico, but FEMA and the rest of the US gov't response team has been working there. Could Trump have done things like repeal the Jones Act earlier (like he did for Texas and Florida)? Sure, but that doesn't negate all the other response taking place. Additionally, it's not the US government's fault Puerto Rico is so far in debt. While laws that have been passed have hurt PR, PR didn't do much to adapt to them or find other ways to stimulate their economy. It absolutely sucks that Americans live in poverty, but just "buying" for the island doesn't fix it long term.

I will disagree with you though that we'd be in the same situation with anyone else as president. Other candidates had plans in place for a lot of the things Trump doesn't.

For example, retraining. Other candidates had specific retraining plans in place for jobs that would disappear. Eg: coal jobs. Those plans included a training program to get those coal miners to being able to work in tech related stuff, including solar panel production and installation.

Also, climate change. I posted on Facebook a while ago how Trump literally could not have picked a worse person to be head of the EPA. And I feel that way about many things Trump has done.

For me, climate change is the biggest issue out of all. Everything else, maybe it'll set us back years on progress or something, but we can recover. Again, progress isn't a straight line.

I know you believe in God. I do as well as I'm Muslim.
I don't understand how people can advocate for policies that harm the planet, which harms animals and people. Every religion and ideology says to take care of what you are given. We were given this earth, so why the flip should we not take care of it?
According to an MIT study: Air pollution causes 200000 early deaths in the US. And we're better off than most of the world!

We'll just have to see how the world goes. I have failth in all people. We just gotta all love each other and we'll make it through <3
3 months ago
It sucks, it really does. But we'll make it. The human race has lived through so many things. Crime rates and slavery rates are constantly falling. There's plenty of good happening in the world happening at the same time as all this bad stuff. Progress isn't a straight line.

Gotta get through the bad to get to the good, bro. <3

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