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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) +++/

Created on 08/06/17 by JasonTodd

Usually when I go to watch a movie I go with a group of friends who love movies almost as much as I do (almost). But when I asked them to see this film with me, they declined, or seemed reluctant. I didn't need an explanation as to why, because I felt the same way. THIS IS THE SECOND SPIDERMAN REBOOT. WE'VE HAD THREE DIFFERENT SPIDERMEN AND IT'S BARELY BEEN A DECADE. Despite that, I was intrigued by Tom Holland (our new creepy crawler) in Civil War, as I thought he did a good job despite his small screentime. Now some of you may already know that for the most part I hate the idea of reboots, remakes, and sequels, as they limit the amount of originality put into a film. But the reason I like this movie so much is because, despite the fact that it's his second reboot, this is the most original Spiderman movie since Sam Raimi's first two films (lets forget Spiderman 3 happened). Why? Because it introduces something that was attempted before, but never truly succeeded. Something that's integral to most Spiderman comics and stories, as well as many famous John Hughes films: that high school vibe. Never before have we seen such a young, vivacious, and naive Spiderman than now. Before this is was easier to think of Peter Parker as a college student rather than a youngster. It really added something new and great to this movie. Unfortunately it is tied down and repressed by it's commitments to the Marvel franchise, and while it isn't a huge obstacle, it is a noticeable one. The action is actually one of the lower points of the film, as most of it has been seen and done before and better. The cinematography and score is generic and plain like a majority of Marvel's films, however the soundtrack is well picked as it does evoke the John Hughes vibe. The humor lands most of the time, and this movie does have one truly powerful moment that isn't underlined by some dumb joke as I've come to expect so often in these films. Overall, Tom Holland is, I have to say, the best incarnation of Spiderman ever, and I look forward to seeing him again. I like the film for it's original take on Peter's high school life (sometimes I actually felt myself wanting to see more of Peter than Spiderman) and Holland's performance, but it is still held down by Marvel's lackluster cinematography, score, and constant continuity set-ups.


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