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War for the Planet of the Apes +++++

Created on 08/06/17 by JasonTodd

I said I would write a Spiderman review, and I did, but unfortunately it got lost or deleted or something and I don't feel like re-writing it at the moment. Instead I'm going to talk about the film I watched the week after. It's no surprise to anyone that I'm a huge fan of the last two Planet of the Apes movies (Rise and Dawn). Rise was a surprise to me, as what I expected to be just an okay but forgettable movie turned out to be a great and memorable experience. And then something happened that changed the series, my outlook of films and what they should be, and hopefully Hollywood as whole (if they pay attention to something other than dollar signs). Matt, fliping, Reeves. The director of both Dawn and War, as well as Cloverfield and the upcoming Batfleck solo film. He took this series and ran with it, turning it into the best film trilogy since Lord of the Rings. Dawn was a masterpiece on it's on, as is this film, but the way the all fit so perfectly together is something truly unbelievable. But let's focus on this film for now. War for the Planet of the Apes follows our tragic hero Caesar as he continues to fight for the survival of his apes from humans who are nothing more than afraid of evolution. The cinematography, writing, acting and of course the effects are a cut above pretty much any big budget blockbuster this year, and the score is fliping beautiful (I'm listening to it as I write this review actually.) But what I have to commend this movie on the most is it's ability to tell and craft a story that not only stands alone as a great tale, but also ties itself into a franchise that started all the way in the 60s, and concludes a trilogy of amazing movies, and it's ability to do all this with little dialogue. While there are of course long moments of (non exposition) dialogue, sometimes in sign language, the most powerful and important moments contain little more than the actors' performances, and this amazing fliping score. I can't gush enough about this movie, it's just so good. Get Out is a near perfect film, and one of the best horror movies ever made, but this film has topped my list as best of the year so far (the only films I believe can top it are Dunkirk (which I haven't seen yet unfortunately), The Last Jedi, and Justice League.)


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