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wellsandlava joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 23.


Level 23


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@wellsandlava: I want to convince him to give me a second chance and unban me
@wellsandlava: Hey, do you have HullBreaches email?
Please check this out, it's awesome, and share this around.
@Kairi: Here's what yoIf they don't kick there asses.u do when you're being picked on. Tell them to "Flip off, Mate!"!
@wellsandlava: You're cool too, man.
@Kairi: You seem pretty cool, mate!
@Roman: Click the help button
@Roman: Hi
I'm impresssed with how much JavaScript methods and keywords IE6.0 supports too!
This is actually very impressive that internet explore 6.0 works works on this website.

IE6.0 Doesn't work at all on the demo version of JSDL that I made. I'm making sure both modern and oldschool webbrosers like, IE6.0 will work on the new and final official build of JSDL without any lack of awesomness!
I just love how we all are taking apart computers and rebuilding them.
I have finally taken apart my laptop and cleaned all of the insides of it, and I've gotten it to work again too!

I'd recommend that you all do the same every two months or so on your laptops or Desktop computers. This way the CPU fan (or other components) will not have a lot of build up like mine did to the point it would start making weird noises or not work at all.
I finally gor my laptop cleaned and working again!

Now I need to figure out why my DVD drive will not go back in.
How do you make a UI with Java, c, c#, or c++ like you would with CSS and JavaScript? By making a UI I dont mean using the easy way of importing the windows forms class either.

Thanks if anybody helps me out.

I'm only curios as I haven't found any tutorials on how to do this.

whenever I get free time again I will start working on jsdevland again.
I know it's way past Halloween already, but I was depressed most of the weekend or working on finishing my paper. How was everyones Halloween?

Something in this post doesn't seem right. If you can find it and let me know. That'd be very appreciated.