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umer936 joined on 4/1/13, and is currently level 51.


Level 51

Submitted a vast amount of content to
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*sigh* I guess I should fill this out.

Anyways, I'm a 15 year old, super-lazy kid. (1997 FTW!)

Oh, and yes, Umer is, in fact, my real name.

So, on this site, I'm a moderator (notice the green star). So, if you ever think someone's breaking the rules or is just being mean, send me a PM (personal message). You can also send me messages about ANYTHING. I'm a pretty cool guy (if I do say so myself) and I'm a good listener. If you're willing to share any problems or just wanna talk, my inbox is a few clicks away.
Speaking of help, I'm also the dude that writes the "Help Articles" for the site (notice the HELP icon in the top right). I probably should write a ton more of them, but lazy.

Oh, I guess I should talk about coding, since that's a common theme on the DSiCommunity. So, I've been here since the original DSiHub, and my first coding that I "learned" was javascript on DSiExtensions (I doubt many of y'all know/remember it). Then, I made some small sites like DSiSocialness (pretty abysmal) and some bigger ones (like Compass and Confuzzle). I've also helped around on the Community a lot. For example, I'm also a mod on @.:A-MAN:.'s site, Klub and also helped with 3DSHub (DSiHub reborn for the 58234985723993652 time). So yeah, I know a decent bit of code

Anyways, I think that's about it. If there's anything else you wanna know about me, I always respond to PMs.


Oh, and try the theme made by @AquaBeat and I, Teal and Pink, if you like the way this profile looks


iPhone 7: no headphone jack
iPhone 8: no dual camera
iPhone 9: no phone
iPhone 10: no home button
After using Robinhood for a week, it's actually pretty awesome.

(Also, if you want to try out trading stocks use my invite link):
I need to buy a lot more snacks.

Simulate the iPhone X's camera/front notch on Android devices so you don't have to spend $999 to try it out

UT (unranked) just lost in double overtime to USC (#4) by 3 points. Incredible game even though UT lost.
Definitely quite a showing as a lot of analysts thought UT would lose by a lot.
Florida's Bizarre Adventure: HURRICANE SEASON
The Baby Driver Trailer But Baby Is Replaced Entirely With The Snapchat Hot Dog
Oops, I never sent out a bunch of emails that I said I would.
However, the interview that's in like an hour says "business professional"

The closest I have to that is what I wore yesterday, which the guy who's interviewing me saw me in.
Option 1) Make the guy think I only own 1 shirt (which is still like business casual)
Option 2) Wear something a lot more business casual (pink button-down with short sleeves) and just be underdressed
1 interview, 1 homework, and 1 quiz down. 1 interview, 2 quizzes (1 is an easy one, I think) to go.
2 interviews, 2 quizzes, 2 classes, 1 lab, 1 homework - that I just remembered I hadn't done yet - for tomorrow.

Ay caramba.
EXPO was today (bunch of companies come to recruit).

Was pretty cool. Got two interviews tomorrow, one with Hudl and one with ViaSat.
Decided to try out Robinhood.

Let's see how it goes.
Emailed IT because I can't seem to connect to ethernet.

Ticket opened in under 2 minutes. I'm impressed.

Idk how long an answer reply will take though.
Finally got quite a few hours of work in, which is great because I have 3 quizzes tomorrow and a homework to turn in.