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I must ask: What do y'all even talk about in the staff status since there's not that much moderating to do
So I just found out @lunchmeats101 has a boyfriend

Does that leave @SLEDGE as the only straight DSiHub admin?
This party is so flipib asian i feel whitee
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I went to the anti-Nazi protest in Boston and met and took a pic with Vermin Supreme. My old coworkers got pepper sprayed.
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I just saw a FB status claiming my HS class president's (whom I've known since age 4) brother raped 4 chicks.

Holy crap.
I have around $10k in BTC/BCC/ETH combined but if I cash out my financial aid will be FLIPED.

So keep on buying and HODLing.
Honest question, based on the rare statuses I post here, what stereotype would you place me under?

I assume that I'm a nerdy stoner hipster jackrabbit with a boring life, but I've gotten a lot of different answers for this.
I matched this chick on Tinder who knows my homeboy and now we're planning a devils threesome

(Tentatively) weird butt way to lose your virginity
Over the last 2 weeks, I started a cashier job, went to a 3 day electronic music festival (driven to NY mostly by an unlicensed driver), broke a 50 day T-Break, slept in an airport, went to my grandma's funeral (she was 94), discussed research chemicals with my stoner line cook cousin, got my name put on a federal watchlist, got my depressed best friend to check into a mental health facility, visited one of my best friends in the emergency room after he fliped up with drugs (he's fine now) and learned that my business partner's old gang got locked up for attempted murder (he didn't snitch but he stayed out of it, which is why he's clear legally yet hasn't been shot himself)

...what the flip has my life become? I swear I'm flipin emotionally numb to everything compared to the sheltered-butt fake woke (oh man, people call me an SJW but at least I'm sincere and realistic about how government and policy reform works) suburban sillys at my college. It's kinda ruining my empathetic sensibility (also the fact that I can't relate to the majority of those boring privileged butt mothercluckers doesn't help). If I have kids I'm raising them in a goddamn city, flip the notion of growing up in Whiteypicketfencia I ain't raising no helpless basic jerk.

To someone who doesn't know me I feel like some of this crap sounds weird or wild but my autobiography would be boring as flip. I mean, I'm on this site, that makes me a flipin nerd doesn't it? I haven't even driven a car or gone past oral lunchyet.
Working at CVS flipin sucks I show up high every damn day bc of how much being a cashier sucks
First festival on the 21st, Hydrotechnics in Afton, NY hit me up if you're actually near that bumflip
My friend invited his old middle school buddy to this rave we're hitting up on Saturday and it's this guy I did protesting/lobbying with during high school (he's never done molly so he decided to go). Small world.
First time drinking at a family gathering today (engagement afterparty) and I'm nearly sober after around 10 shots OVER 4 HOURS

My spelling and grammar is still fine, clearly