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@rayword45backup Deleted because technically evading the filter.
I remember I used to post music review blogs on this website (it's my only badge on this site lol). I don't know if any of y'all remember, but regardless, come read my review log where I have over 450 reviews done so far (...over 4 flipin years). Check it out to recommend me some albums, or to find some obscure hidden gems for yourself, or, most importantly, look at the closest thing I have to a timeline of my mental decay since the end of tenth grade.
I'm worried one of my best friends from high school is suicidal and at this point none of my friends know what to do
Happy valentine's day! This is my 20th loveless one.

I'm gonna go drink vodka and Tinder after classes end.
My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cracked and fliped up the LCD display. my pocket.

...that had nothing else in it.

I'm sending this jerk into Samsung and when I get the price quote you better believe I'm gonna scream at them until they lower it like mad bc wtf is this?
Can't tell if I have regular ol generalized depression or just seasonal depression. Definitely not seasonal anxiety.

Flip antidepressants and benzos
Can't wait to get my Lunar New Year money and spend it all on crypto
That feeling when you lose $32k in 2 days but don't give a crap not because you know it'll grow but because you've realized money can't buy happiness and I need therapy.
I watch TV because it distracts me from my horrible depression and anxiety. I recommend y'all watch this super underwatched Onion web series Porkin Across America, as well as Review (Comedy Central), Nathan For You, Moral Orel, Dan Vs (I love that this aired on the brony channel that died) and Man Seeking Woman (I relate to that loser too much)
My biggest regret is not buying more BTC back when it was $300 and I started buying, but I'm happy with my current Blockfolio (at this point I could cash out and pay for one year of state college... flip college)
Thanksgiving hungover and underslept. I need to fix myself.
Been out on vacation since Thursday (technically Friday but I left early on purpose). My college is so damn easy, I missed a test so they're just averaging my first and final exam as a replacement.

Also finding out what happened to old community members is fun, as far as I can dig. The most interesting being that one Hub mod (besides myself) we remember controversially...
I must ask: What do y'all even talk about in the staff status since there's not that much moderating to do
So I just found out @lunchmeats101 has a boyfriend

Does that leave @SLEDGE as the only straight DSiHub admin?