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mayikillyou joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 19.


Level 19

Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.




Is there a simple linux distro that gives noticeable increase in battery life over Windows?
Go look at trumps twitter... pro daca now???
I bought a yoga 3 pro for 370 dollars and I like it. I have a desktop for more intensive things but now I have a portable work station
New BG
Eid Mubarak.
Flip eBay. I made a case for an item which clearly violated their policy and they still said I have to pay return shipping. The seller got on the phone with them first and they made tghe descision without even looking at the emails between us where the seller admits there was a smoke smell
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Im begining to think i shouls look at unitys official documentation. The tutorials for games are nice and all, but they dont cover everything and I need to know everything or at least alot. From a long tutorial series only like 30 percent of it is beneficial to the game i plan to make. If i know the documentation, i can just work on my own
What's the best solutions for client work web design. I did one website for a customer, but it's a pain because every time they want something changed I have to do it. Solutions?
It would be cool if the status's were revealed using wow.js or scrollreveal.js.
I've got one gripe, it says I have 43 news notifications. Clear them please lol.
Sweet app store works, ill upload some of my unfinished concept html5 games for mobile
Its all good
Am i missing something?
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