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heldplayer joined on 4/24/13, and is currently level 12.


Level 12

Won a monthly contest against all the other users


I am a potato.


Tagging people in things sends notifications.

Free notifications: @.:A-MAN:. @BlueLake2 @heldplayer @Regular @rayword45 @umer936 @AquaBeat @Abu @GuitarBoy @kenw2 @Acerio
Not sure how much I like this new design, but I'll get used to it I guess
I call Hax @Skittles
Somebody make up some news so we have new news on the news section of
Admins! .:A-MAN:. is spamming D:
So uh, when going to the status page, it usually takes a good second or 2 before it starts loading.

Seems is doing 4 redirects and 2 of them take some time.

It goes like this:
/status -> /status/ -> /status/status.php -> /status/status -> /status/p-0
(The last 2 steps take the longest to load)

Maybe consider updating the links on the dashboard and the sidebar to point to /status/p-0 instead of just /status?
Oh hey, I have 700 cu.bes now!

*Goes to the store*
*Sad the store doesn't work*
Seeing as that status is on the next page already, I'm making a new status to address this.

If you've had a mediation with a teacher already, and you get another one, it's your fault. You should probably see about how not to do the things you did.
Why I still have some quicknotes lying around I don't know.

Just curious, what program do you use to make sounds @.:A-MAN:. ?
Somebody please make it so cookies actually get remembered and don't expire every 2 weeks :/
The shop is broken! I wanted to waste my points!
I see absolutely no problem with this...

I'll have to disappoint you guys, but that folder on my desktop named DSiHub only has 1 folder in it called "Apps".

It contains a lot of old apps, including HubHub and PointSwamp :P

The Socialite folder contains the very last version of Socialite that was available, but I don't have a backup of the database itself.

The account where the sites used to be hosted on has also been terminated more than a year ago :/