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Yenwood joined on 4/6/13, and is currently level 30.


Level 30

Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.


Hi. My name is Yenwood.


i used to be pretty interested in Dauntless but they keep sending me this email


theres just a link in it to buy alpha access for $80

i remember when gay marriage was legalized in america. human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, parents rounded up and executed...

all thanks to the gay agenda
maybe if texas was a swamp, trump would be out there right now draining it
sending a pm to @TheCube instantly destroys the world

NK launched a missile over Japan

Fun fact: if you look at the sun you instantly die.
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also I got back from the mental hospital like an hr ago. its super depressing in there. i was visiting my brother and he says he's not allowed to call it a mental hospital, it's a "recovery facility". things like "prison", "mental hospital", and "I want to go home" are negative things and he's not allowed to say negative things on pain of losing points, which he needs for "privileges" like another 15 minutes before bedtime and being able to leave his room. yikes