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X27 joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 16.


Level 16


C#/C++/Java/PHP/JS dev
I made some games on here and randomly fix php bugs.

My github page:

Add me on discord to get programming help/chat/complain:


Fixed my bugs, indentation and code decryption changes next week.

We have a lot of one letter variable usage and someone fell in love with short circuit operators some time ago.

// look at this reconstructed gem
"none" !== i && document.getElementById(i).innerHTML = a;

I'd prefer an if statement in that case, but it could be used as a nice elvis operator alternative.

// C#
// JS
object && object.method()

If there's any more bugs, @ me in the BUGS thread or pm me.
Pretty sure @X27 broke a bunch of things refactoring some of the code cuz I don't think anyone else has touched things since launch.
TheCube should no longer have a meltdown when send them a message.

Anyone have a nice bug they would like me to tackle, or a list of them?
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DrawPile makes me form a butthole with my fingers and kiss it to make it explode
Guys calm down, weed is getting legalized
Got most of the basics done for a UI subsystem using SkiaSharp. I can embed it in anything that I can use C# and bitmaps on. It should work on android, ios, mac, windows, and in games too. (Idk about linux but it should work using mono)

Now I have to create widgets and see how fast it actually is.
Windows 10 has been less stable than every linux distro I've used.

People can make better operating systems in assembly wth Microsoft
Sound cable broke while trying to put it back together. Putting it all back was twice as difficult as taking it apart. I mightve broke something else too, all I know is that it wont turn on. Going to look for a used 3DS because it's prob cheaper than repairing mine at this point lol.

If any of you guys break the top screen on you're 3DS I would suggest just buying a new one or get someone else to repair it. It's not worth you're soul lol.

I also just finished and it's 1:34am, I started at 7:37pm just for the reassembling part. I disassembled when I ordered the screen to make sure of what I was doing. It turns out I wasn't sure.
Also got a new screen for my 3DS <3
I'm scared of putting it back together though.
//I already took it apart at least
I'm using tox for voice/video calls because hangouts has bad audio quality, and everything else uses too much ram or is too much of a hassle to setup. Here's my ID if anyone wants to message me:


Also learning XAML and it's confusing/scary, if anyone wants help getting started/wants to learn/has questions about it message me on tox lol
Just found my 3DS after having lost it for over a year. I found it in the same spot I looked for it multiple before. It just blended into the black desk in my kitchen.
I was short 89 cents to buy Starbound from leftover gift card money, ended up selling cards on steam to get enough to pay for it. Does anyone know the purpose of cards? I know you can get badges and level up from it, but idk why I would want to do any of this.
Trying out QT, I'm getting sick of Windows Forms. It's pretty funny because I'm sick of Windows Forms and @Acerio is sick of Game Maker, but we kept on using it because they were simple and we didn't feel like doing something new. Going to rewrite the whole IDE for QT and get comfortable with C++. @Acerio is trying to write his own framework in C++ too and we're thinking about combining projects instead of working on the same one. Which is ironic since the whole point of the IDE is collaboration, and initial hype on making it for me was that collaborating on the creation of it seemed simple.

The point of it is to make collaboration smooth, fun, simple, and have it all be in one program.

My issue with Forms is that it's not smooth at all and requires many workarounds to make things work properly. Most of my UI is barely using Windows Forms, I'm making custom versions of things that already exist.

This is what plays in the background as I program.