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SuperCam joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 15.


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I am kopauniksupercam from DSihub and DSiComm.

I am the brother of Sledge. Freaking jerk wont make me a mod. :P

I am a college student with a major in High Energy Particle Physics. I will be 15 in July '07.

That's about it for now,
-Super Cam
So I did put my OKCupid account because I think I'm as funny as watching a drunk donky in a on the top of a paved hill wearing roller skates.... however the text got all the text got fudged up so here is just a link to my various dating profiles... oh and my others.

And if you need anything,


Yesterday I found the coolest app!

Want to automatically backup all your texts on the cloud as you get them?

Want your wifi turned on automatically when you get to school?

Want a Notification if there's a high pollen count in the area?

Want your hours automatically tracked and your phone muted when you go to work?

Want to have your Google assistant post to Twitter?

Want a spreadsheet with details on every video you like on youtube?

Want to know when the international space station is above you?

Then look no further, IFTTT has got you covered

I have an emulator for a palm pilot on my phone (PHEM). I have a couple games on there that just run way too fast.

How can I slow it down?
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Did you know? "In ancient China, the earliest word for eclipse, shih, meant to eat, and eclipses were believed to be caused by a dragon eating the sun!" Source: Vox/NatGeo

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Do any of you guys play pokémon go still?
I really liking this update so far
Anyone on here willing to make a relatively simple, panning, 3D graphic animation for me? I want to learn to use blender and make it myself, but I don't have a computer
Thought you'd all like to know that girl I was a total creep for and I are really good friends now. She appreciated me being open and honest with her like that.
Made a flipnote video about that last status of mine. I do hope you all enjoy!

Made me feel better at least lol
I'm one of the most social people I know. I can talk to any stranger about anything they want. I make people laugh, and I make friends easily.

But when I talk to a girl I like is like I'm in 6th grade. No hope for a Mrs. Kopaunik in the near future...

Why can't I act like a normal Cameron when I'm trying to talk to her seriously. I can flirt with any race, age, or gender if long as I don't like them.

But if I do, I'm seriously thee most awkward guy in the world when I'm trying to get to know a girl I like. My texts make me cringe after I send them... Every single one.

I don't know if I will ever be able to fix that part of me. I think my only option is to be myself and stop pursuing. If they like me, then they can come to me. Problem is no one ever has since I've been an adult.

I just want an arranged marriage. I've thought how nice that would be for many many months.
All I want is a temple worthy, educated, woman I find pleasing to look upon, that will help me accomplish my goals. It's that really so hard to ask? There's got to be a million that fit that description in a hundred mile radious.

I met one this semester, and well here I am venting to the world. So you can see how that went.

It's impossible for me to pursue a girl now that I'm an adult. I'm fun, genuine, and just awesome.

But I get flooded with emotions and I feel like shooting myself after talking. My brain is just like, skrew this crap I'm out, and my heart is like okay I got this.

And then I end up spulerting a bunch of creepy nonsense out like a creepy junior high school kid.

Honestly, I can flirt with a senior or even gay guy even though I'm not interested in them at all.

Why do I have emotions? I hate being human. I would give up all emotions in a heart beat if I could. Love, fear, anger, jealousy, happiness, etc. I hate them all. I don't belong in this planet, I never did.

And at the same time in glad she showed me that I'm human. I honestly didn't know I could feel like that anymore. Like at all. But I've cried, I've singed, and I've laughed because of her. Sure she thinks I'm a total weirdo. But at least I know I CAN have those emotions. (still would give them all up though)

Ugh.... The weird thing is I can just laugh at myself about it. If you guys watched me 15 minutes ago you wouldn't know either to laugh or shoot me. It was probably thee most awkward moment in my entire life and I've done some really awkward things.

I just stood there for 9 seconds like an autistic kid. Its absurd. What the heck is wrong with me????

Oh well, don't have time for that nonsense anyways. Still would be nice though.

Ugh... One day Cameron... One day...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. So I'm going to laugh.


*drops mic*
@SLEDGE @.:A-MAN:. I itd be cool to have a feature to link Facebook or Twitter here so that posting a status here gets sent over there.

This is now like if you already know how and it's not a super major pain kind of request
Quit my job and 3 days later I have another even better one. Its weird, it was the first place I tried (again) and I got it.

I made a Deadpool video about it and how crazy 2017 is for me so far, and the video turned out way too perfect hahaha
Unfortunately I know a lot of the things Im talking about but not a lot of people are going to understand without living with me. But Id like you all to see it anyways

@SLEDGE I really want you to see it because you will get everything except for the cat thing. Thats in there because Ive been blacking out with my medication and my cat ends up places thats not really possible.
Fun fact, last time I checked I was male. But then the floods came, and I was then cismale
Why do we have a pride parade still? Its legal to get married now, I'm not sure I see a point to it anymore. Is it a fundraiser for something?

If it's to show your proud to be bi/gay, why isn't there a straight parade? Or is there one and I haven't heard of it?

Basicly I hate parades, but I get them or 5ks for a charity or for awareness. But in the context of sexual attraction, it makes no sense to me if it's legal.

Am I missing something? Or is it just a way for people to gather together with common interests? Like the Thanksgiving parade or whatever. Not that I like those either lol

Or is there a black parade to memorialize people who died in the civil rights movement? And the pride parade is a way to look how far we've come?
@SLEDGE showed me a keyboard app for android to help with the terrible autocorrects ask the time. But it's good enough. It's still doing it a ton with swipe keyboard.

What do you android users use for shipping?
Currently using the one @SLEDGE showed me called SwiftKey
But I used Google's as well, but no swipe seems to work well.

I'll probably end up chalking this up as another reason to replace my phone but idk yet
@SLEDGE who on these sites lived near us? Also was it on cube and are they still there?

@EverybodyElse any of you live near Vegas?