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Smalls joined on 4/26/13, and is currently level 8.


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Hi, I'm Smalls... You may know as the guy who made DSiTabs and G/net. I also developed for DSiHub for a certain period of time.

I fix computers and play games and stuff.


So a small and quick story. At my job, I just inherited a VMWare server system that students use to do remote lab work last Friday. The guy before me's contract ran up and I was to take it over. I'm all good and great with this, except...

Our UPS failed over the weekend and it took down all of the server equipment for general IT operations and my recently inherited VMWare servers. Everything came up cleanly after booting everything back up (Servers, VMs, etc.)... Except for one apparently. The DHCP server VM got corrupted from an unclean shutdown.

I spent 3 hours trying to get that DHCP server back up and running, but gave up and spent only 15 minutes rebuilding the stupid thing in another VM. The original server is a goner cause the LVM partition is unreadable.

Moral of the story: If it's a server that houses only one service, just rebuild the stupid thing. Don't waste your time.
So a website I started making a few months ago is finally coming along great. It's a simple site, but I'm pouring a lot of soul into it and I think it's starting to look like a living website.
When you realize that you don't miss web development, but you're sorta proud you're brushing up on skills you used years ago and it's turning out alright.
Sup punks
Going to plug my new Youtube channel, so uh... Go subscribe and watch my stuff? Question mark?
Haken is love. Haken is life.
Posted my top 10 albums of 2015, check it out.
Fun fact: People are ungrateful.
Upgraded to a 970. Feels good man.
Sword Art Online is cool and I like it, but man... The romance is awkward as all can be.
Not many issues with Windows 10 (Well for my clean install, upgrade broke a lot of stuff), except Dualshock 4 support. Something built into Windows 10 is taking over the DS4 before DS4Windows or InputMapper can grab it, so it's causing some games not to recognize it properly. There's a workaround, but it has to be done every time you turn on the controller.
Anybody using Windows 10? Apart from some of the default privacy settings and services, which are easy to disable, I love the clean feeling the new desktop theme has. 8 has very thick window borders, whereas 10 has a very small border.

Also the Edge browser is actually pretty good. Hopefully they add extension support in the future, but right now it's a solid web browser.
I've been using the wrong imported save file from The Witcher 2 for The Witcher 3 for the last 53 hours of playtime that I've had.
I bought a Dualshock 4 controller on Friday. Hands down the best controller to use on PC. The only major downside is that the button prompts don't match the controller, but as long as you know the Xbox layout you're good.

Honestly though, what makes it great is the DS4Windows program. You're able to modify almost everything about the controller.
I'm still updating my Guitars Gone Wild playlist, but dang it... Google Play's algorithm to determining songs for the radio for that playlist blows. Some days it plays the playlist itself and nothing else and other days it just focuses on one particular subgenre and nothing else.