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Skittles joined on 12/20/12, and is currently level 17.


Level 17


'Ello there, name's Wayne and obviously I'm an Administrator of this here website.
I tend to handle some of the back-end systems. I'm also the one who developed our drawing application - QuickNotes.
*strokes ego*

I'm a 20-year old university student (like I'd tell you where
), currently dual-majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. With regards to the former, my chief interests lay in the branches of the philosophy of religion, ethics, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, science. However, my knowledge of philosophy is still very slight as of now.


With the later, I mainly stick to web programming languages, though I plan on expanding my repertoire by learning languages like Ruby and C++ soon. I'm also familiar with some things within IT as well. I'll soon be doing some freelance work most likely.
Lastly, I have some interest in developing some video games, with a couple of ideas for a great game or two floating around in my noggin.

Sometime in the near future (hopefully soon), I plan on getting into and becoming familiar with video production and editing, and putting those skills to work by making YouTube videos on various subjects, including Philosophy, Science and maybe some light social commentary.

Some activities I enjoy doing are reading (I'm an avid reader; mostly philosophy and programming books, with the occasional fantasy tome), programming (obviously), exercising by swimming (former collegiate swimmer), playing video games (I play all sorts of games) or chess, and just plain laying around like a bump on a log.


Ok, so the first steps to redoing QN will be:

- Make it properly cross-platform. I'll start by abstracting some of the functions so that it works on every device.

-Thanks to the way that I store the data that user draws for their QN (as a series of data about each drawn line/shape), I can make the images infinitely scalable. Of course, this necessitates that the canvas dimensions for each device be proportional to each other. So I'll need to look up the average available screen resolution for phone web browsers.

- Probably just end up creating separate files for people drawing from their phones (and why draw from PC anyway? lol)

-Fix some odd bugs with undo/redo. They work, but they can occasionally bug out. I need to set up some boolean flags to control when the user can hit undo/redo.
Finally finished all of those proofs. Bleh. Now I'm off to get some shut-eye, haha. Night~
Sometimes I hate doing logic proof. Especially in a system I'm not used to. ????
At some poijt, it'd be cool if the staff did a Google hangout or something together. I don't think I've ever actually spoken to any of you, lol.
@mayikillyou I'd also recommend picking up some knowledge of formal logic if you haven't already. And not just the standard Boolean Logic used in a lot of computer science.

I think it's paramount for CS students to understand how various logical formalisms work, and what the real possibilities are. For example, I recently helped a friend out with some ideas about how to implement Paraconsistent Logic in artificial intelligence-related areas. It also gives you a better understanding of the Boolean Logic that most programming languages make use of.
I call Hax @Skittles
So does the staff want to create a new site? I haven't done web development for a while, mostly C++ & Java, but I think I still have the hang of it.

But if we do it, should we try to brainstorm something more unique, or just create a more streamlined version of I haven't seen the source code for this site in years, but I'd imagine it's still a bit... clunky (party my fault as I recall). x3
So what have y'all been up to in the last couple of years?

I'm finishing up my degree (last year), and trying to decide if I want to go to grad school or not.
I'm debating if I should ask to rejoin the team, or suggest we try a new website. Of course, since I went AWOL for 2 or 3 years, I don't have a lot of right to speak on this, lol.
This place still exists? My goodness.
@SLEDGE @.:A-MAN:. @Skittles & @therumcompound

I'm not saying this will happen anytime relatively soon. However, I do plan to try to make an android app of this site sometime. I'm curios if you'd be okay with me uploading it to the appstore if and when I do complete it or even make it.
@SLEDGE @Therum @.:A-MAN:. @Skittles I think that's everyone.

Please login to the C-Panel and fix bugs such as: The broken appstore, Login system logging us out randomly, & The broken QuikNotes theme. Please also switch the status to be set as the main page instead of "Dashboard". Thanks!

If you do this. I'll donate $5 to one of your guises paypal accounts.
My bio still says "@Skittles or @Therum may be available for server issues if I am not."

Skittles hasn't even logged in for over two years :P
@Skittles: Baby come back
@SLEDGE @Prestotron @GuitarBoy @Therum @CJ101 @BlueLake2 @umer936 @Skittles @.:A-MAN:.

Now @SLEDGE recommened I ask the comunity about the email I sent him so I am copying and pasting it to you guys in the hopes that you guys could help.

So will you go to my site:

I want to find a good website that will let me make one that is really good. There are so many options, which one is the best? I dont want one that requires php, html, java, etc. knowledge to build and what not. I want a simple one like

However webs without going premium hass severly limited itself since I last got on a few years ago and now I either need to pay to become premium to keep this, or move to a diffrent site.

But the ones that I look at are either not free, or complicated. I want a simple one that later when I have $$$ I can get my own domain and stuff.

Here are the features I need:
The ability to at least have 10 pages (webs has now limited me to 5 when I used to not have a limit at all
A blog feature
A user feature
The ability to later purchase custom domain but be free for now
A easy to build layout that I can make and customize my site
1 GB of free storage
The ability to have social media buttons like I already have on my current site
The ability to have a twitter feed like I do on my current site
I would like to be able to do custom html tags without upgrading (which is what I need to do on webs) but if I need to upgrade, I can add custom HTMLs later. But I do need to be able to do it eventually
When I do upgrade, it needs to be super cheap. There is a sale right now on webs, so IDK what the usual price is, but currently it is at:
3.75 month for 2 years
7.50 month for 2 years
16.66 month for 2 years
I only need the minimum one, but even at 55% off, that seems really steep compared to your $10 a year.... however yours requires manual programming... and I dont know how to set up a user system, a twitter feed, or a good social media button. Plus I dont have 10 to spend anyways so I couldnt get that even if I was the best programmer in the world.