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SLEDGE joined on 8/20/06, and is currently level 43.


Level 43

Submitted a vast amount of content to
Developed popular apps for the App Store
Submitted themes users found awesome
Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.


I manage most of the server-side code, tell me if you get errors that display weird messages. If you have an issue with a mod, contact me or another admin. @Skittles or @Therum may be available for server issues if I am not.

If you have something you need help with that does not involve code, send a message to @umer936, He is our user service rep/mod.

If you have an issue with a user, contact @CJ101 or @umer936(esp. Umer), as they are the most active of our mod team.


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I did something to maybe fix the huge amount of news notifications but I'm confused and don't know if it worked so let me know.
Me: I wonder how Social Cube is doing? *Opens chrome on my phone...* *Sees my Social Cube tab open* Ttab refreshes* *Sees new UI* *Jaw drops*
*Gets very excited!!* *Looks around in amazement at how beautiful <3 everything is* *Reads the latest news article* *Learns of all the new features* *Gives my <3 LOVE <3 and thanks to @.:A-MAN:. and @SLEDGE for this beautiful update!

Seriously, this place is amazing in comparison to 3DSPlaza or Paint.
Good work!
I posted a forum and made it red so people see it, then I saw AMAN sort of made one already. That is exactly the reason I made mine red :P

I made his blue so people also see that one(post to his for design bugs).
Starting to realize the notification system I built five years ago is way too simple to support all this new stuff. I want to just rewrite it all to work more dynamically. And by that I mean I want it to just do that itself and I do nothing.

And I have no idea why you can post blank stuff, I'm pretty sure that has been blocked for as long as the site has been around and I have no idea why anybody would change that.
It seems to always say "unknown" under what people are doing online. Guess I'll look into that.
Tagging people in things sends notifications.

Free notifications: @.:A-MAN:. @BlueLake2 @heldplayer @Regular @rayword45 @umer936 @AquaBeat @Abu @GuitarBoy @kenw2 @Acerio
I entrusted this task to @Moderator, It is all his fault.
Well, since @SLEDGE has mysteriously vanished at precisely the wrong time, I think we should just pretend that countdown clock didn't exist.

Or at least until he comes back, then it exists again.
Dangit @SLEDGE
I have a JQ animation that stutters a bit the first time it moves, but after that it's fine. Do you guys know a solution?
@SLEDGE @.:A-MAN:. I itd be cool to have a feature to link Facebook or Twitter here so that posting a status here gets sent over there.

This is now like if you already know how and it's not a super major pain kind of request
Quit my job and 3 days later I have another even better one. Its weird, it was the first place I tried (again) and I got it.

I made a Deadpool video about it and how crazy 2017 is for me so far, and the video turned out way too perfect hahaha
Unfortunately I know a lot of the things Im talking about but not a lot of people are going to understand without living with me. But Id like you all to see it anyways

@SLEDGE I really want you to see it because you will get everything except for the cat thing. Thats in there because Ive been blacking out with my medication and my cat ends up places thats not really possible.
@SLEDGE showed me a keyboard app for android to help with the terrible autocorrects ask the time. But it's good enough. It's still doing it a ton with swipe keyboard.

What do you android users use for shipping?
Currently using the one @SLEDGE showed me called SwiftKey
But I used Google's as well, but no swipe seems to work well.

I'll probably end up chalking this up as another reason to replace my phone but idk yet