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SLEDGE joined on 8/20/06, and is currently level 43.


Level 43

Submitted a vast amount of content to
Developed popular apps for the App Store
Submitted themes users found awesome
Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.


I manage most of the server-side code, tell me if you get errors that display weird messages. If you have an issue with a mod, contact me or another admin. @Skittles or @Therum may be available for server issues if I am not.

If you have something you need help with that does not involve code, send a message to @umer936, He is our user service rep/mod.

If you have an issue with a user, contact @CJ101 or @umer936(esp. Umer), as they are the most active of our mod team.


There are a ton of courses I want to take on but instead have to spend my time pretending to learn doing college homework.
Woah, @FireMatt12 was online two weeks ago.

I /need/ your server-side expertise here. So I just started at the farmer's market today and made...well... $3. But in cash so that's cool.

Anyways, the guy next door uses Square, and doesn't use a receipt printer. If you saw one of my earlier posts, you'll see that even though my Chromebook has a nice, big screen for Square, it doesn't communicate with external devices. I can send receipts through Square via email though. I already tested it and an ugly page with a faded Square logo and crap comes out. No actual receipt info. I think it's because the email is HTML and HP ePrint can't interpret it.

I was wondering if there was a way to use my own email address (ex. and intercept incoming mail (the Square receipt) and use PHP to convert it into an image/PDF, then forward the finalized receipt to my printer. Is this possible? If it is and you can give me some links explaining me how to do this, I can save over $200 by returning the LAN printer I recently bought...Please and thanks. <3
Have any of you ever charged for website design? Particularly one that requires a login in addition to the actual HTML/CSS?
Anyone who has Dying Light, here's a DLC Steam code
(I know @Yenwood and @SLEDGE have it)

There were unregistered includes here that were being called on every pageload that triggered everybody's action as being "unknown." I just fixed it so now the users online page should actually say what people are doing.
Happy Umer day!
Don't miss this if you ever want to edit videos. $20 for $200 Vegas Pro.
Ya know, shouldn't @SLEDGE have the supporter badge?
"From November 1, 2017 every website hosted on a free 000webhost platform will get 1 hour of sleep every day. Your website won't be reachable to the public, but you can set the time window when it goes to sleep."

That's annoying.
So I just found out @lunchmeats101 has a boyfriend

Does that leave @SLEDGE as the only straight DSiHub admin?
That #fakenews article was supposed to only be there for like an hour while I fixed the system but I have been too busy to get back to working on it.
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I did something to maybe fix the huge amount of news notifications but I'm confused and don't know if it worked so let me know.