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JSMastah joined on 11/12/13, and is currently level 9.


Level 9

Donated some money to keep up and running!


I am a freelance web developer. Message me if you would like to know more about me, or simply want to chat.

I;ll make a proper autobiography later on.


The cube logo no longer opens the menu anymore. That sucks. I licked pressing that logo to open the menu. Now the only way to do it is by sliding my finger across the screen
So, I met someone who remembers me from my past on these communities on FB. Such a small word we live in. Hopefully they join. I gave them the link for this site.
So, I'm officially going to code now.... I haven't coded in months ever since I've left my partners place.
I was litterally just kicked from the chat on 3DSPaint by a staff member for being open about being apart of the LGBT community. Wow. Sad. People were posting pro Hitler things aswell. Once I said "We're here. We're queer" I was booted. I'm shocked. Those sites are still as hateful as I remember them from when I was a kid in highschool.
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Hey can you folks add an image uploading feature for status' please? This way I don't have to link to an external image host.
Me: I wonder how Social Cube is doing? *Opens chrome on my phone...* *Sees my Social Cube tab open* Ttab refreshes* *Sees new UI* *Jaw drops*
*Gets very excited!!* *Looks around in amazement at how beautiful <3 everything is* *Reads the latest news article* *Learns of all the new features* *Gives my <3 LOVE <3 and thanks to @.:A-MAN:. and @SLEDGE for this beautiful update!

Seriously, this place is amazing in comparison to 3DSPlaza or Paint.
Good work!
Hhhhheeeehhhh I miss the old days when I had a kik community group. Those were the days.... Hehehe
Me and my girlfriend were hanging out at her local library for several hours tell closing the last few days. Twice in a row police have came up and bugged us for being there. (,no arrests or fines) The library is very close to the police station as well so cops are always cruising by. I was coding on my phone and studding and my girlfriend on her 3DS. Does anybody know of any better more proper places to go for after hours? Neither of our residences are really good environments for me and her.
So, YouTube finally updated their desktop websites notifications UI. However, in the process of this, they managed to brake and delete all the previous notifications from comment replies I've gotten/conversations I was in. Damn it!! I used that as a way to get questions answered / talk to people. Ugh!

I guess this is what I get gor leaving the internet for a few months to have a life and gf. :P (Shhhhh I'm a proud lesbian)
Whelp, I'm making progress on my understanding and knowledge on Java and how the Android API works. In-fact I understand syntax and things pretty damn well now too.... It's just random no-issue errors that Android was throwing in the console that would trip me up.... Very soon I'll have my very first basic Android app made. Once I'm done with this It'll be very much like how I started with web development. I'm pretty damn proud of myself. Hopefully, I can make some nice apps and games after I've built up my skills some more. Then maybe make a little money and be able to help people aswell.
So, I made a site for someone and turns out they ever were going to pay me. Like, wtf! I wasted months of my life on this project.
Come and watch me code here!
Why is anime so popular and everywhere in the online communities? I just don't see the entertainment, Sept for shinchin