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Hey, I'm Ricky Yoder.

Currently, I'm in the eleventh grade (a junior [w00t]) at Wilson High school in Reading, Pennsylvania.

I'm a Pikachu! Pika pi!

Wanna know what you are? Click here to take the Pok`emon Personality test!


So, with this new update and all, will you guys actually be advertising the site and getting more users? Are you guys getting serious about this? Just wondering what your thoughts are.
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Soooooooooooo. The dropshipping didn't work out guys. It sucks because the images @.:A-MAN:. made were so high quality and awesome.

I'm holding on for a bit though. Though I spent over $300 and got nowhere with Shopify and Oberlo, my focus is to now work on eBay/Amazon.

I can get legitimate phone cases from Slovenia (MMore is the brand name, check out some of their cases here). Their dropship/distributor/wholesale prices are quite low. Low enough to the point where once I save enough money to use as capital, I'll buy them and send them to Amazon for Prime shipping. And since I'd be an authorized reseller of MMore products, they'd honor any manufacturer warranty claims so I wouldn't be held liable after 30 days (Amazon's return policy).
So thanks to school I learned how to actually set up a Raspberry Pi and work with it remotely. :P

What are some cool web dev ideas for a personal server?
If any of you use Facebook, feel free to like the XBit LLC page and share it with your friends. P.S. @.:A-MAN:. Yes I am going to work on the landing page either tonight or tomorrow. :P
Oh, and this new sales manager we have at work is a total jerk.

She got an attitude with me when I needed to interrupt her to punch out for the day because she was trying to train someone on it. She's like "seriously? There aren't any other computers you can do that from?"

I thought she was joking, so I said, "Well, I could just walk to the back room at a brisk pace" To which she tells me "Whatever, just punch out".

I said sorry (but obviously I'm not when I worked like 7:55a-4:10p and I just wanted to gtfo) and that I thought they wanted us to stop going over payroll because too many people punch in early and punch out late.

To which she says, "I didn't post those notes about going over payroll".

This jerk and I have talked before and I thought she was cool, but man she can be a real c word. She wants Staples to be her f'ing career. How saddening. x'D

>Works at Staples as a sales manager
>Wants to move up the ladder
>Doesn't give a crap about payroll

Yeah, I'm sure she's gonna get promoted real quick...
On a non-business related note, my weekend was awesome.

I drove up to Berks county and visited my old high school and the towns I lived in. Went to Arby's. Went to the mall. I enjoyed just being in that area again.

Tbh if I ever make enough money I'd move there and still work here, and this is like 40 minutes away..
Guys, I need marketing advice. I'm using Google Adwords express to advertise XBit. I've gotten over a hundred clicks probably, yet no conversion. Nobody is buying anything.

I have 3 separate ads too.

1 advertising mobile phone cases, 1 advertising unlocked phones, and 1 ad for the landing page at

Each of them gets a good amount of clicks, but I'm still not getting any conversion. People have added to their cart yet not actually checked out. While I'm remedying that issue the best I can with abandoned card emails, I need to know how I can get more foot traffic in general, or what your personal opinions are on how to market the site better.

Please don't hesitate to give me your opinion of the site either. Blame @.:A-MAN:. if you don't like the images. ^_^

I'm thinking of stopping the digital marketing after the 31st and do a direct mailing instead to attract local customers. Thoughts?
Fun Fact:

I currently hold the record for most page views at 108165 (and counting).

@umer936 is second with 94624 and @GuitarBoy is 3rd with 88449.
I'm going to make the dropshipping site public by the end of the month most likely.

Still debating whether or not to call it "XBit Special Orders" or something else. Lmk if you guys have any ideas.

I'm starting to work on a Chrome app to allow people to design business cards, address labels, and more on their Chromebooks offline. I will then add the ability for users to print on their own Avery labels or to send the output file(s) to me to print for them, with calculated shipping costs and free local pickup. The app will cost $0.99, but I will use some JavaScript/backend magic to give them $0.99 off their first order, so the app will become free essentially.

I was going to post this on Glassdoor, but not for a while...They know I was working at Staples and could tell my manager there that I was working there and that it was a conflict of interest. So I don't need these butt faces putting me out of another job right now.

My review of Wireless Advocates, LLC:

>Couldn't Even Work 3 Days For This Company

Most of the time you're just standing there getting paid to do nothing.
I like the idea of commission based pay, because then it's clearly performance-based.

The team is nothing but a bunch of immature, unprofessional guys 21+. I'm 19, and even showed up to the interview in a suit. But then, I get reprimanded by someone who doesn't even have the word "manager" on their badge for calling out my third day in a group text message conversation. This is extremely unprofessional and unwelcoming as a new employee. I don't call out but once or twice a year (for ANY job I may have), and I was given heck for it. Even though I was just in training and did not actually need to be there to ensure the kiosk was fully staffed. He said to "take my day off and re-read the employee handbook" since I didn't give 1hr notice for calling off. How could I have given notice when nobody gave me their contact information? All I could do was call the business during business hours, and even then I had to leave a message asking what my schedule was for tomorrow since my phone didn't save the changes to the memo I wrote. I never got a call back, and instead got the junk in the group text conversation about the whole call-off. I called the actual manager who is on vacation, and told him that I've never had to do this before in my life. I've worked 3 other jobs besides this place in the past and never once did I feel so unwelcomed and uncomfortable to the point that I needed to quit without notice. One phone call later and I only worked at the company 2 days/shifts.

Stay away from this company. The people put in charge are unprofessional, and they treat you differently if you actually are professional, or, in my case, try to be.

I'll be honest I'm jealous of the commission pay, but now that I think about it, getting paid every other week is NOT something I could afford to do either. Because I arrived at the end of the second week in the pay period, I would not have gotten paid for 3 WEEKS. 3 weeks of no pay for any and all effort I put in. I may as well just have applied to be a volunteer.

Speaking of commission, it's confusing to keep track of..Everything you sell gets you money in your pocket, but bonuses is where it becomes really weird. I do not want to divulge any more on this, as it is bordering confidential information.

The commission is nice, but don't think you get compensated well for your time. It's federal minimum wage plus commission. So if you sell nothing consistently, you're better off finding a job that's even slightly above minimum wage. And seriously, for all the work you do, you should be paid more than minimum wage per hour. Keeping all the paperwork organized and in the right order is a much bigger chore than you would think, since you don't ring anybody for sales, rather, you need to print out a document and send the customer up to the Costco cashier to get the phone/accessories they're buying. Then there's a lot of data entry, capturing a ton of signatures, and so on. It can be very confusing considering there's 4 different carrier websites you need to know how to use to assist customers. This is definitely not worth the base pay. Forget the base pay. It's awful. Heck, the commission may not be jack compared to an actual phone store. If you want to sell phones, go to a specific carrier, and not a company like this that offers all 4. Go to Verizon. Go to Sprint. Go to AT&T. Go to T-Mobile. Do NOT waste your time here. I even remember applying for a position at Sprint, and their base pay was nearly $10/hr plus commission. This company clearly sacrifices good pay to give customers a choice between carriers (to even be able to offer all of them).

>Advice to Management
Don't go on vacation as soon as you hire a new staff member. You're the face of the company moreso than the workers below you. Act like it, and train your team yourself. Not to sound harsh, but seriously, I would have much preferred him to train me versus the guy who bawks at me through SMS messaging.

To the District Managers out there, allow us to remove the tinted covers from the computer monitors...if the Social Security Numbers show up as dots, I don't see why you need tints over the monitors. Makes it difficult to train new guys like me when I can barely see what's on the screen without being up someone's rear end to look at it head on. I work at a company where I've processed many credit card applications before, and we don't need these things. And yes, I would say this is an issue with personal space as well. Start paying people more for their time, and less for bonuses. You could either compensate more per hour and take away from bonuses, or simply hire less people. Don't see why you need 5-6 people to run a wireless center kiosk. Of course, if the business needs it it's a different story. But I wouldn't say the number of employees for this location made sense.

To the IT managers/IT department, please learn keep your systems running properly. 2 days into the company and I still couldn't even log in to the online training website. I could not have continued working for the company if I did not complete it within 10 days.

If I ever see improvement in this company, I may apply for a position again. But this experience was awful, and I would not recommend anybody getting a job here until they figure out why I and so many others are dissatisfied. If I ever do apply again, I would hope to be hired despite my leaving with no prior notice; I simply could not work for the company with the given staff and pay. I hope my leaving serves as a lesson, and makes you see what you're doing wrong.

Also, if I have given away my identity with the specific details I've provided about my experience as well as my location, I want you to know that I did not mean to act unprofessional. I was made an idiot out of by an employee who wasn't even a manager. Nothing against anybody personally, but in a professional work environment you guys have no clue just how to talk to teammates. And you can explain to the district manager that it was partially your fault why I quit.

I just realized what I can do to bring all of my ecommerce ideas together.

I can use Shopify and Oberlo to dropship, but I can also go into Shopify and add variants for certain products.

I'll call the variance "Expedited Shipping?" And the choices will be "yes" or "no".

This means I can order some of the products I'm dropshipping and keep them here in the USA as inventory. Then when someone chooses "yes" for expedited shipping, I just include the cost of domestic shipping in the price for the variant, and, viola.

I can dropship AND keep inventory of hot-selling items.

I also just found out that Shopify actually gave me $100 in Google Adwords credit. I have a link to my eBay store on the Shopify site. If I advertise the Shopify dropshipping site, I have a chance that customers will see all of my products for sale through both channels then.
Anybody know a good API to calculate best shipping box sizes needed?

I want to do dropshipping still, but I also want to sell on my own site made from scratch.

If all orders less than $15 don't get free shipping I need to figure out a way to accurately charge for shipping based on the dimensions of the items that are ordered and weight.

Another thing:

What should I dropship and what should I sell to customers in the US specifically?
So I am basically hired as a Wireless Advocate. Just need to do a drug test. The base pay is non-negotiable, and is $7.25/hr.

However, the commission is crazy good. I can make money on new phones, upgrades, unlocked phone activation, even accessories. Literally everything I sell means more money in my pocket.

And it isn't that hard to make bank either. Sell about 2.5 phones a day and I get $1000 on top of the base pay. But then there's also accessories, so that $1000 can easily be more. And even if I can't sell 2.5 phones a day: accessories and upgrades.

I also can get 75% off T-Mobile's unlimited plan as an employee, so I get unlimited everything for $25/mo.

The best part is that the hiring manager is looking to get another full time employee. I told him to definitely consider me for this and told him my sales at Staples.

If I got that position I'd be getting $12-$13/hr PLUS commission and benefits like paid time off. That's insane.
Applied for a second part time job to become a Wireless Advocate within a Costco 2 days ago. Just got a call today saying they want an interview.

I've heard good and bad about the job. But to me it comes down to this: if you're a good salesperson (which I am), you can make bank with this stuff. It's basically selling mobile phones and service contracts and insurance. I've read people complaining about the $7-$8 base pay, but I've read that others make $2k net pay every month consistently. And honestly, I'm looking for a base pay above the average $8.34 according to Glass Door. I'm talking $9.50. I will settle no less than a dollar than what I'm making now per hour, because I know my time is valuable to these cluckers. (':