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CJ101 joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 28.


Level 28


Leedle leedle leedle lee.


I want to build something but backend always feels tedious
New little song
I'm about to get butt blasted by Irma wish me luck
Two concerts coming up in the next month.
Damn, I missed all the action because of uni.
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Saber68 mechanical keyboard with Gateron browns coming Tuesday!
Finally got around to making that business card.
This keyboard is down to $95 from $400. If you want a fancy-butt keyboard, either pick it up now or wait for a flash sale.
Sometimes I get sad because I'll never be able to see 99% of animal species that have ever existed because of the time period we're in.
I really want to get a switch but I'm afraid of dropping $300 on a console.
The new mario game looks incredible
Can I get an opinion on this? It's wordpress so I can't customize it completely, but I'm making do with what I can.
Finally got a job at $12/hr, 9:30-5:00. Web stuff of course