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AquaBeat joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 23.




Contact me on Facebook or Kik me. If you don't know either of those well, sucks to be you. Jkjk.
My Kik is IcyApplicious.


@AquaBeat said:5 months ago
This site is so much faster on my iPod 6th gen than my galaxy s7.... huh?
@AquaBeat said:5 months ago
The only game im ever gunna be addicted to is sims, the best part? Ive been slowing getting new crap to game with (mouse, etc) since im working more (ugh) and now i must try to breed tons of vampires.....
@AquaBeat said:5 months ago
Haiiiiiiiii love yous
@AquaBeat said:7 months ago
Birfday :3 #19
@AquaBeat said:7 months ago
So Im just hoping that 2017 is gunna be better but honestly with how its going, Im gunna start making a fort basement...
@AquaBeat said:7 months ago
I just wanna go to sleep but insomnia is starting to take over.
@AquaBeat said:7 months ago
Working at little caesers is fun. Except I burned my hand today. Fun not fun. Tired and I just want to cuddle my babe and play xbox (but cant duh) ;(
@SLEDGE said:9 months ago
Why do most people have hundreds of Facebook friends? I live with three of my friends and spend almost all of my free time socializing, but I only have 69 friends on Facebook.
@Acerio has 411
@AquaBeat has 475
@umer936 has 674

Why? Are you actually interested in all of these people? I can't imagine caring about that many people enough to want to follow their everyday lives. Do you just friend every single person whose name sounds familiar?
@AquaBeat said:10 months ago
Im back from the dead, i forget about you guys too much. Idk. Baiii!
@AquaBeat said:1 year ago
In charlotte with my mom at her work. I just realized that its gunna be a long day.
@AquaBeat said:1 year ago
Lately, the current events this year have made me scared for my own life. I dont want to leave my house for someone to kill me. Sure, it may never happen but still... theres a chance and im over here like when i was 6 i could just walk around alone and not be scared. 13 years later and im like nooooope
@AquaBeat said:1 year ago
EA broke the genderfluid walls in sims. Woooooooo
@AquaBeat said:1 year ago

Nuff said
@AquaBeat said:1 year ago
Im tired of waking up at 3am every day. Tried everything to tire me out but it made me hungry instead. Wat.
@AquaBeat said:1 year ago
Diet pills have so much caffeine im waking up early. Someone shoot me.