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AquaBeat joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 23.


Level 23


Contact me on Facebook or Kik me. If you don't know either of those well, sucks to be you. Jkjk.
My Kik is IcyApplicious.


Watching car accidents on YouTube at 419 in the morning is fun. Russians are crapy drivers Jesus christ
Also I am 100% unprepared for the hurricane and payday was yesterday and I have 4 bucks to my name, some canned food but mostly crap you have to heat up. So I am probably gunna die
Well, because of Destiny 2 coming out, I am currently in my closet because I don't want to deal with babe playing it till 6am. I'm cranky as it is staying up late but once we move into a new place I'm having him in the other room to play games cause fliping god I can't do this anymore
So everyones going nuts about the last first day of school and I'm over here like... most of you craps are going to college so you can't say it yet XD
I had a severe anxiety attack Friday to the point my fiancé had to hold me. I was crying for an hour and a half. And then I had a breakdown at work today and had mom pick me up and then bring me back to work hours later. May I say I am falling for apart.
@AquaBeat: @AquaBeat Haha, yeah. That was soooo long ago lol
I'm so proud of this update, now everything is running smoothly... â¤ï¸
@umer936: I forgot I made your theme.. I FORGOT A LOT
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What with the timer ^^ ??
I just tried to css code and man... I forgot how to ugh.
I got a drawing tablet a while ago and now I got a sketch book so I may draw also.. I have all these ideas yet I can never get it on paper cause I'm thinking too hard on angles and crap. I know you guys don't exactly understand how weird my art block is but oml...
As I speak there are these weird noob admins in paint in a chat and I'm over here like... I've been a member since 2011 and these are 2017 members....?
I go on paint and I was surprised to have 2 messages from one person from march lmfao. I'm just surprised the sites not down yet