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Akise joined on 4/5/13, and is currently level 16.


Level 16


I am myself


hey what's up buds
im back from the dead to say hi
@Akise: hey panda boy.
It's been a while~
I got my hair cut. :3

@Akise: Do you happen to have DeviantArt where you post all your drawings on there?
new hairstyle :3

banana phone
how come the img bbcode was removed from status
Today in the school's bathrooms, a classmate I never ever talk to peeked at my ***** 3 times while I was peeing.

I was kinda weird at first but then I was cool with it because I honestly didn't care. I mean, he's a boy too and it's not like he hasn't seen one before. And I bet he was messing around, and if not, I don't really mind either.

But honestly peeking at other guy's ******* while they're peeing is dumb. I mean, if you want to "compare", you can't even do it right because the other dude's ***** is not erected. lmao

What would you do if some guy peeked at your *****?
You wouldn't mind or would you get mad & punch his face? xD