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Abu is a rich oil sheikh who substitues dollar bills for toilet paper.


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So how reasonable am I to think I can work two full time jobs, and go to college full time?
I could make 70k a year after taxes...
Not many make that at 19
And I will be 19 in october

Plus I will be making six figures once my investments start paying me back in a year

Six figures at 19 years old

Maybe I love money too much?
If I get full time I will be making almost 15 an hour(buck raise)

I plan to try and work at least 50 hours a week while going to college full time

Oh and during peak season I get a bonus hourly rate and unlimited over time
Heard of people working 100 hours a week
My classes should be over by then and so I plan to work 100 a week too
You have 2k to build your dream desktop
What do you do?
Would you by the AMD Ryzen 1800x?
It doesn't out perform intel but we have to note there isn't software optimization for it
I reckon it will be a beast once that happens
Thinking of this
Would cost me 1924.97 since I have an amazon rewards visa card with 5% cash back

Going to save for it

I might wait for the volta architecture though..
I won't be buying until year end or 2018 anyways since I need a portable laptop first and a vehicle as well as putting money away for retirement

Hahaha this funny
It wasn't too long ago most of us were kids
And now most of us are in college, driving, working, etc

I am wondering...
Is it better to buy a laptop or desktop and get a notebook for portable use?
Just got my 2nd job
Pay starts at 13
And will be 14 something in a year
I think my next phone will be a one plus 3 or a 4 when it comes out..
I really like the price and at that price a Samsung isn't really worth paying like 300-400 more for
Pokemon Go is awesome.. lol
/Level 14
I like AMD because without AMD intel cpus would cost a fortune, and Intel wouldn't be driven to make better cpus than ever before.
I like intel because it won't eat up wattage like crazy.. I could put a really decent graphics card and not go over 500 watts..
Benefits? UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is basically what I'll be building sometime in april or maybe may or june
And I'll get a badass graphics card when I have more cash.. With that setup you can get more FPS playing GTA V than you can on a PS4.. Just saying
So guys, if money wasn't an issue.. What kind of desktop would you build?
I'd probably have dual xeon processors, and a couple titans.. it's complete overkill.. but why the heck not?